Source:  Charlotte Pence Bond

A California school teacher recently described his discontent with parents pushing for schools to reopen in-person learning in a post on Facebook, according to Fox News reporting.

The Facebook post is no longer available, but the teacher, Damian Harmony, a Latin teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, reportedly made the comments in a speech to the school board and posted the rant later on social media.

Fox News reported:

Harmony, who is a parent himself, said he has been able to better gauge “White supremacy” in his neighborhood, after hearing other parents demanding that the school district have its teachers return to the classroom.

“I’m as disappointed as I am unsurprised that last week, we all had to hear all the cynical, pearl-clutching, faux-urgency, ableist, structurally White-supremacist, hysteria, even as teachers were moving forward with an MOU that already put them in harm’s way and was asking too much of a beleaguered group of professionals,” Harmony said.

Harmony then chastised parents for treating teachers like a “wait staff” – actions that, he argued, will impair children’s ability to “grow up to be better than our generation.”

“You’ve attempted to bully a school board into making the schools less safe for the teachers and children. And you nearly succeeded, making complicit two of its members – who are still meeting virtually, but deciding that others must meet in person,” Harmony said. “You’ve attempted to bully a school board into acting in bad faith with teachers of your children.” 

A spokesperson for the Sacramento City Unified School District told Fox News that the teacher’s statements were “not made in his capacity as a district employee of Sacramento City Unified School District, but in his personal capacity and through the public comment portion during a different school district’s board meeting regarding that district’s reopening plan.”