Color revolutions have finally come to the United States, courtesy of our leaders. The target is clear: weak red state governments, including in Tennessee.

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Did you notice that what should have been an obvious moral victory for the right a few weeks ago—when a transgender lunatic in Tennessee murdered six Christians—became instead, a civil rights triumph for the far left? 

Instead of seeing headlines afterward like, “Left-wing terror targets innocent people for their religious beliefs during an apparent left-wing hate crime,” we got headlines about the racist Tennessee Republicans who expelled two black state representatives. 

Somehow a wanton slaughter of Christian children was miraculously transfigured into a “we shall overcome” second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, in the comical figure of Rep. Justin Pearson.

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What should have been a huge blow to the left, a total PR disaster, a massacre at the hand of one of their own, became instead a win. The narrative was written and signed off before the slow-moving right even had a chance to get its act together.

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