Posted BY: D. Parker

Cultural guerrilla warfare means hitting the enemy with precision and effective labeling that destroys their propaganda in one fell swoop.

Everyone on the pro-freedom right knows that we are in a cultural battle that is going to be a knockdown, drag-out fight with the forces of evil, better known as the anti-liberty authoritarians of the far left. We are on the side of liberty and individual rights in the marketplace of ideas, while the sinister set is still pushing the failed concepts of collectivism, concepts that have failed for centuries. This isn’t the place to detail why they are doing this, only that they desire power over everything and everyone else.

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The question for the moment is what do we call them? The good news is that there have been many an article on the subject of the war of words over the past few weeks here and elsewhere. One particularly well-thought-out and received article from John Green Let’s Call Them What They Are: Communists, laid out the groundwork for the discussion.

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