Posted BY: Rajan Laad

The behavior of the White House Press Corp offers proof that most of the U.S. mainstream media is part of the establishment.

Some say the news media has a Democrat bias. That claim assumes that the news media and the Democrats are independent entities and that the Democrats are somehow controlling the media.

That is simply not true.

For decades, most of the mainstream media had functioned as a PR wing for the Democrats. Their LinkedIn profiles may state their place of work to be the NYT or the WaPo or MSNBC or NBC News etc. but they report to the Democrat party leadership. 

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For any given news, their opinions are indistinguishable, they even use identical terminology. The only variation is some willing propagandists go the extra mile toward the left please their masters while others stick to the script.

During the Trump presidency, the White House Press Corp became vicious rottweilers ready to bite first and ask questions later.

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