Duchess of Cornwall looking forward to “freedom day.”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall reportedly “can’t wait to get rid of” face masks as England nears “freedom day” of July 19th when all legal mask mandates are lifted.

The Duchess and her husband Prince Charles were visiting the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama when Camilla made the comment to an MA student.

“I can’t wait to get rid of these,” said Camilla as she touched her face mask.

The biggest question that remains when it comes to the lifting of mask mandates is whether shops, restaurants, cinemas and public transport will simply continue to insist they be worn outside of any legal compulsion.

This will make the “lifting” of restrictions effectively meaningless if people are refused service for not wearing masks.

The results of a new Ipsos MORI poll suggest that millions of Brits will continue to wear face masks whatever the government or service providers say.

A whopping 40 per cent want mask mandates to remain in place “forever,” something that has been proposed by SAGE government advisers like Susan Michie, a lifetime member of the Communist Party.

As we highlight below, support for lockdown restrictions remains high despite the fact that the loudest voices pushing for them, both in government and media, being caught multiple times violating the same rules they demand be imposed on everyone else.