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If you think your money is safe in a bank account, think again.

Just a few weeks ago the second largest bank failure in U.S. history took place when Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and left thousands frantic about their savings and retirement.

Then just two days later, Signature Bank saw the exact same fate.

Listen closely: this is just the beginning.

A former bank insider is going public with an urgent warning for all Americans with a bank account. He’s uncovered the little-known plan for how Biden can take control of American bank accounts.

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In his controversial message, this insider holds nothing back:

“I believe [Biden’s new program is] now designed to target ALL American citizens who dare disagree with the Dems’ progressive agenda.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, is how this program was the original brainchild of Obama.

For decades, this insider has helped the financial elite avoid some of the worst financial bloodbaths in American history. Including the Black Monday crash in 1987, the dot-com crash in 2000, and even the 2008 financial crisis.

His name is Louis Navellier, and he’s a member of America’s one percent.

Navellier has his own money management firm, one where he manages money for some of America’s wealthiest folks.

You might’ve seen him on major news networks that he frequently appears on, such as Fox News, CNBC, and Business Insider, giving his take on the market conditions.

Today, Navellier is stepping forward with an urgent warning to all Americans with money sitting in a bank account: protect yourself immediately.

You don’t have much time.

This new government program could soon freeze your bank account without any warning whatsoever — especially if you have a history of voting Republican or speaking out against the Democrats’ agenda.

If you’re worried about where this country is headed and want to save your hard earned savings, watch this short video here.

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