Posted BY: Mike Konrad

The Cross Bronx Expressway (CBE) is arguably the most detested road in America. It was cut through thriving neighborhoods and destroyed a large part of the Bronx — concentrating minorities in the south of the borough in neighborhoods of grinding poverty.

The powers that be are planning to correct the environmental “injustices” that are the result of this notorious thoroughfare, chiefly the air pollution.

Community advocates, elected officials, and one Columbia Mailman School professor have worked for years to do something about the Cross Bronx Expressway, a major source of air pollution linked to high rates of asthma in nearby communities of color. — Columbia Health Nov 11, 2021

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These green lobbyists have come up with a brilliant idea. Their proposed solution is to cap the expressway by erecting overpasses over the road which will have parks and trees, remedying the problem.

Of course, the initial study alone will cost two million dollars.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today kicked off a landmark community-driven study to reimagine the Cross-Bronx Expressway, including examining the feasibility of decking sections of the highway. — Dec 19, 2022

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