Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

The National Constitutional Law Union (NCLU) has released a legal theory suggesting that several charges against former President Trump, especially those linked to his claims about the 2000 election, may now be irrelevant due to his double impeachment without a conviction by the U.S. Senate. The theory’s central premise is that actions taken by a president during their term are presumed legal unless the president is impeached and convicted. The report, titled “Strategy Memorandum Against the Trump Indictments” and authored by Todd J. Aldinger, Esq., delves into historical context and recent Supreme Court decisions to support this argument.

Aldinger’s report draws on the Supreme Court’s Dobbs and Bruen decisions, asserting that these decisions affirm the interpretation of constitutional provisions based on their historical understanding at the time of ratification. The theory posits that these decisions enable an argument for presidential immunity concerning actions taken during office that surpass current case law. This approach could undermine charges against Trump and set a precedent for future cases.

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Gavin Wax, NCLU’s executive director, expressed confidence in this legal strategy, presenting it as the optimal means to shield Trump from the allegations he faces. He believes that this theory could curtail similar scenarios in the future. The NCLU shared the theory online, along with a link to the comprehensive 17-page legal memorandum.

Though Trump remains embroiled in legal challenges, this theory could potentially alter the course of his legal battles. As Trump maintains strong popularity within the Republican base, even a conviction on some or all charges might not deter his supporters, according to polling in key states. The NCLU’s legal theory, grounded in historical context and recent legal precedents, introduces a distinctive perspective that might significantly influence the ongoing legal proceedings against the former president.