Source: Nworeport

(The Post Millennial) – Canada’s Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) told the press on Thursday that they will release 50 million pounds of the coveted breakfast liquid in order to keep the commerce flowing.

This number represents approximately half of their total reserves at this time.

Canada’s province of Quebec is the font of more than two-thirds of the world’s maple syrup supply, with most of their clients being just across the border in the US, according to NPR.

The emergency stems from two happenings this year. On one hand, demand has shot up by around 21% in 2021 for maple syrup.

And we won’t miss maple syrup!” stated Helene Normandin, the Director of Communications for the QMSP.

Normandin continued, mentioning the QMSP’s plans for next year’s season in order to get back on track: “What we can figure at this moment is maybe the season here in Quebec will start a bit earlier in February, instead of March, and end earlier also.”