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As Canada continues to expand its euthanasia laws, plans to start euthanizing infants are also gaining support.

As Slay News has reported, Canada has some of the most permissive euthanasia laws in the world.

While the laws were originally passed to give terminally ill people an option to end their life before they die in pain, the requirements to qualify for the program have slowly been loosened over time.

Canada’s medical assistance in dying laws allows almost anyone who can claim some form of hardship or disability to receive physician-assisted suicide, regardless of how minor those disabilities might be.

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In a recently reported horror story from The Associated Press, Alan Nichols, 61, was successfully killed after a quick one-month waiting period as he was suffering from hearing loss.

Aside from bouts of depression over his hearing, Nichols was otherwise healthy.

However, his brother claimed doctors railroaded Nichols into killing himself.

Nichols’ family said that hospital staff helped him request euthanasia and pushed him to do it, a story that has been repeated many times by other disabled or sick Canadians.

It is now so easy for a person to be euthanized in Canada, that allegations are emerging that the Canadian government-run socialized healthcare system is now euthanizing the country’s sick and poor people rather than treating them.

Recently, Live Action News reported that the Quebec College of Physicians has made a recommendation that infants who experience “grave malformations” where life expectancy is “basically nil” should be eligible for euthanasia under Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) laws.

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