Owens argued that the corporations are behind our broken culture, particularly for black Americans.

Source: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Candace Owens on Sunday ripped into the media and corporations for promoting a “sick culture” that’s crippling future generations, particularly black Americans, whom the conservative argued are being “used” to promulgate such unhealthy messages.

Owens’ criticism was sparked by so-called “Satan shoes” promoted by hip-hop artist Lil Nas X, though the Daily Wire talk show host emphasized that she believes the performer is merely a “pawn in a larger game” and “does not understand what’s happening.”

Nas sparked backlash this weekend over the shoes. He designed a pair of Nike sneakers with the company MSCHF that apparently include a drop of human blood mixed with ink, of which only 666 pairs are available for purchase, staying inline with the satanic theme.

Nike said Sunday that the company has nothing to do with the release or the design of the shoes, but the company stopped short of denouncing the Satan-themed kicks.

The sneakers coincide with a new hellish music video from Nas, wherein the singer gives Satan a lap dance.