Posted BY: Brian Camenker

On Nov. 13, 2022, the occupant of the Oval Office signed into law the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act,” It codifies same-sex “marriage” into Federal law in a nasty way, leaving anyone who disagrees open to lawsuits and other severe legal consequences. 

Its passage by Congress (with the help of numerous “moderate” Republicans) has been bewailed by conservative groups.  But let’s not fool ourselves.  This didn’t happen because of some weak-kneed RINOs.  It’s the result of a near-total capitulation of the conservative movement on the marriage issue over recent decades, which has trickled up to Congress.

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In the critical weeks before its final passage by both the House and Senate, major pro-family groups spent lots of money and energy lobbying tirelessly against it.  These groups were at the same time polishing their image as stalwart defenders of the family (in their ongoing appeals for funding from conservative citizens). 

But with all that effort, here’s what Congress and the public did not hear from the mainstream conservatives as reasons to defeat the bill:

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