Bars and restaurants across the country are struggling to sell Anheuser-Busch products

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Americans are pissed off at the beer brand Bud Light for featuring a biological man posing as a woman on a can of its beer for a recent advertising move that quickly backfired.

The stock market shows just how much of an impact the ad campaign has had on Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Anheuser Busch created the special can to celebrate transgender actor Dylan Mulvaney’s one-year anniversary of living life as a “woman” and featured him in commercials as a new brand ambassador.

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Just over a week after the collaboration between Mulvaney and Bud Light, bar and gas station owners are experiencing a dramatic decrease in sales of the beer.

Country musician John Rich, who owns a bar called Redneck Riviera in Nashville, Tennessee, joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday to explain how Bud Light sales at his business have almost disappeared.

“I think the customers decide. Customers are king,” Rich told Carlson. “Our number one selling beer up until a few days ago was, guess what? Bud Light. That was the number one beer. We got cases and cases and cases of it sitting back there.”

However, in the aftermath of the Mulvaney ad campaign, Rich said everyone stopped ordering Bud Lights and decided to replace them with a drink that customers will actually purchase.

Rich even polled his Twitter followers to find out what beer he should choose to replace Bud Light.

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