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Iran To Trump: We Will NOT Renegotiate The Nuclear Deal When You Take Office

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Maybe it is because we teach our children to hide under desks or throw canned vegetables (really) at would-be active shooters instead of daring to teach them even the smallest bit of self-defense, but it is undeniable that our children are ill prepared for the future.

Maybe that is why the average American is not noticing the latest news to come out of Iran regarding the nuclear deal that Trump has railed against. America’s “dear friends” in Ira, who call the United States such endearing names as “the great satan,” are now saying that they will not renegotiate the deal even if incoming president Donald J. Trump puts new sanctions upon the nation.

Considering the billions of dollars in gold and outright cash that was sent to Iran, they may be able to hold out quite well, especially with China likely to buy Iranian sanctioned oil just to spite such sanctions. Thanks to the US taxpayer and Obama, Iran is living pretty high on the hog.

Iran will spin this at tornado speeds if and when Trump likely pulls back from the miserable agreement that was allowed under Obama and Kerry. They will say that we have punished them for an agreement that we signed, with no mention whatsoever of the fact that they have broken the terms of the agreement by enriching uranium, among many other outright lies.

This is very important to remember because most of the United Nations is made up of less than mild Islamists who tend to side with Iran. It seems that America is evil and may never question being lied to while Iran may lie like a Persian rug and it is all but holy.

Iran and China have already been friendly in regards to anti-American thought, which is interesting considering that China is dealing with extreme terrorism along its border with Pakistan. Supporting a nation like Iran is only going to worsen things for China in the long run. America learned this lesson on 9/11 and when ISIS formed with money and weapons the US sent to them!

We know that North Korea is like the illegitimate child that has been black sheeped’ by China, but ashamed or not, China stands behind Kim Jung Un. China has done very little more than mumble lip service to the nuclear tests and open threats that North Korea has hurled at the United States of America. If anything, such words are almost endorsed in the absent of condemnation, something that can not be overlooked for a (shakily) nuclear nation.

The average warrior in North Korea does not know that America is not full of Satanists waiting to bomb them for their “riches” any more than they don’t know that Kim Jung Un really wasn’t born under a double rainbow. To them, this is as much fact as birds flying and water being wet. This is a danger that must be understood.

Even Mexico has gotten in on the bandwagon and has decried America’s next leader by saying “Mexico is not going to be paying for the wall.” This is a ludicrous statement because if Trump get his plan for a tax on every vehicle from Mexico that enters the US at the border, there will be no way that they won’t pay for it fully.

Let’s not even get started on Russia

All of this is not to say that all is lost and that it is time to start singing our death song, because there is some rich soil in which for Trump to plant some seeds for the future. For starters, France is seeing a populist who thinks like Trump really take over in the polls. Even if the run does not end in success, if the people of France are feeling like this is the time to really rise up after England, then Trump could have something to work with within the EU.

La Pen is well on her way to also busting open the global leaders alliance and winning her election just like Donald Trump.

Speaking of England, they are clearly of a worldview – at least the average man – that is leaning more and more towards Trump daily. If war is averted, then likely Russia will surely go back to being a state that is less cold, but not as open as before Obama, so trade with the bear will be icy for a bit. China will likely do the same in such a scenario, for the same reasons.

Therefore, strong ties to nations that have a lot more in common with progress as defined by fortitude, not violence will be vital. There is no reason that Trump can not make amazing deals with nations like them who will, once proving Trump right by prospering which they shall, will draw other nations in. Other nations will want some of the prosperity that Trump’s ideas will bring, it is that simple.

Lastly, it is about the deals. Trump needs to shine here like VY Canis Majoris because there are enemies on our block, but friends upon our doorstep. America only needs a few massive “wins” under Trump, a few Carrier-like deals for a handful of nations, before more leaders are ready to talk instead of threaten.

Reagan won the world over that way, and there is no reason that positive history can not repeat itself since negative history so often does.

Trump said that he is going to make great deals, and Lords knows, there are a lot of people at the table ready for first hand.

Iran Says “Thanks For The Gold Obama!” As Nuclear And Military Program Reaches New Milestone

January 13, 2017 1 comment

Nuke Deal

Everyone that has heard of the Iran nuclear deal has said that it was a horrible deal for the United States. Iran has had its economic sanctions lifted and that has allowed them to receive a tremendous amount of money.

So what is Iran going to spend it on? According to the Obama administration, they believed that Iran would invest heavily in different economic pursuits considering the massive amounts of domestic political pressure that was occurring. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the opposite effect was occurring.

This was something that critics of the deal were worried about. They had a reason to worry that the Obama administration wasn’t going to be concerned about how Iran was going to spend their money. Considering that a report shows that Iran is spending the money on their nuclear capabilities and military, the Obama administration definitely screwed up.


Reuters has reported that Iran is doing what they can to focus on more military spending, including funding for ballistic missiles. Not only is that dangerous to read and type, but it is also shocking. Ballistic missiles are supposed to be banned by the nuclear deal. So that marks the THIRD time they have violated this deal.

Iranian media announced that their lawmakers had voted for a five-year development plan that “requires government to increase Iran’s defense capabilities as a regional power and preserve the country’s national security and interests by allocating at least five percent of annual budget” to military spending.

They are planning for increased funding for “long-range missiles, armed drones, and cyber-war capabilities.” So there are definitely multiple questions that need to be asked, and one of them includes where did they get this money? The answer is obvious, as it came from Obama.


Don’t you remember that Obama gave Iran $1.7 billion earlier this summer? Originally it was a $400 million ransom payment for four American hostages, and somehow that $400 million turned into $1.7 billion that Congress still has no idea about how Obama got the funds for it.

That wasn’t the only thing that Obama did either. As part of the sanctions relief from the nuclear deal, the Obama administration sent more than $10 billion to Iran in the form of cash and gold. That is quite a bit of money to be given to a country that isn’t supposed to be using that funding for missiles.

Oh but cash and gold weren’t the only things that Obama has given this nation. In addition the massive amounts of money and gold, the Obama administration signed off on giving the nation nuclear materials as well. So now we have an administration that has given gold, cash and nuclear materials to a nation that is supposed to be banned from making ballistic missiles, but will do it anyways.

These ballistic missiles are something to be feared; as of right now they have a range of 1,250 miles, which is well within striking distance of Israel. Iran has spoken of how they want to end the country. Donald Trump has spoken about the missile program.

“Those ballistic missiles, with a range of 1,250 miles, were designed to intimidate not only Israel … but also intended to frighten Europe and someday maybe hit even the United States. We’re not going to let that happen.”

In other news if Iran already has the technology to make missiles that can target Israel, what is going to stop them from making technology to hit the United States? All that money that was given to this nation is going to be spent on how to improve their technology. That means these ballistic missiles are going to have the capability of hitting the United States soon.

Oh, and one final thing with the money that was given. It’s also being given to terrorists. Senior Hezbollah officials have loudly boasted that all of their expenses, which include weapons, are being paid by Iran. So Iran is getting more money, which they are going to use to expand their military spending and even use some of it to fund terrorists.

Please tell me again why we are having this Iran deal in place? All it is doing is giving the United States problems, both physically and financially.

This has been far from the first time that Obama has tried to protect Iran. There was a time when General Mattis wanted to attack Iran to let them know that their attacks wouldn’t be tolerated anymore. That was when Obama refused, in order to protect some secret talks that would eventually lead to the nuclear deal.

Iran has also used that $1.7 billion transfer from the United States government to start their production phase of advanced missiles. That means they are going to use more and more of that money to build an advanced missile system to hurt the United States. What a great way to use that money.

Share this article to show that the Obama administrations brilliant idea to bring the nuclear deal has given Iran money. That money is going to be used to help their military and hurt the United States. How has Obama not been charged with treason yet?

Obama Sends Uranium To Iran As Trump Warns This Is Irreversible, Horrific Mistake

January 11, 2017 Leave a comment


There are more ironies found in today’s Iran deal news than there is in any story that has trended in quite some time. The nuances are so vague that it could easily be assumed that upwards of 90% of the people who read the story did not even notice a glimmer of half of corruption. Much like Alexander the Great faced with Gordian Knot, so it is that we attempt to unravel the many elements of double speak that is the Iran deal.

To begin, we know Obama is trying to downplay (lie) the true expense of the deal. The amount being truly paid out may never be known, but that is but the tip of the Pinocchio. Iran is receiving a large shipment of deadly uranium as part of the deal from Russia. This is rich with irony for a number of reasons.

To start with, Trump called the deal bad and one of the worst deals in our history. The media loves to attack Donald Trump for saying that he respects Putin, but they always forget that he also said that in no way did that mean that he agreed with Putin on any given issue. Not wanting to go to war with Putin or discovering the facts that seem to prove that Russia had NO part in US elections does not mean that Trump likes this deal seeing Russia send uranium to Iran. To the contrary, Trump’s feelings on Iran are well known.


Moving onto to point number two, Iran says that it has no interest in developing nuclear weapons with the deadly uranium. That is interesting to note because it makes one wonder why Russia would have agreed to the deal. It turns out that Russia is giving Iran NON ENRICHED (aka “nuclear bomb ready” in layman’s terms) uranium in exchange for the ENRICHED uranium.

As for the fuel now being used for a power plant, Iran does not yet have a power plant. They can store the uranium, but most likely they will sell it. This is legal, but there is no law that says that Iran has to do either. Perhaps they will simply enrich it again now that they have all of the gold and cash in place to more easily mask their dishonesty, all to a chorus of “Death to America,” no less.

Obama really screwed us over with this deal…

Putin was involved in government, likely the KGB, at the time of the dreadful Chernobyl nuclear disaster that causes birth defects in those areas to this very day. They know that Iran is building an earthquake zone, which will quite likely cause a radioactive nightmare not seen since Fukushima, so it is far better that Iran has less enriched uranium on hand when it happens.

Terrorists can not yet construct nuclear bombs, but they can attach them to explosives and send the health destroying, cancer causing radioactive toxins all over any area that they curse with it. Those toxins, in the case of even non-enriched uranium, would remain deadly for 4.5 BILLION YEARS! Many have feared that this kind of liken chicanery is what Iran has had planned all along.

We know Iran is not above funding terrorists, especially given that they are the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism.

This deal has set the stage for the world to see a nuclear disaster or attack that will make the Middle East and the Northern Hemisphere glow like Hilary Clinton’s victory fireworks display almost did.

Every day we hear about billions in gold, billions in cash, uranium being delivered to a war zone, and terrorists wanting to make dirty bombs to poison their own land. They don’t seem to grasp that even if they do nuke a land to take over, the cancers from such an attack will kill the sharia practitioner as quickly as the infidel. What are they going to do with poisoned land?

The same holds true for Israel. If a full nuclear warhead WAS to hit Israel, are they blind to the fact that there would be no Mecca? No land, nothing but sand that has blasted to a state of glass that will be poisoned during the entire life of the rest of the Earth?

Perhaps ISIS should spend a little less on quality video gear and black hoods, spending a bit more on a physics book before they engage in such practices. Iran is a decently cultured nation, so they should even more honestly know these basic facts, and most likely do.

That is what makes Trump so very correct in his analysis of the Iran deal. If the rest of the world does not properly awaken to just what is happening, not only shall the irony be lost, but so shall all of us with it.

Iran Spends Nuclear Deal Money on Troops, Missiles, Arms for Terrorists

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A picture taken on August 20, 2010 shows the test firing at an undisclosed location in Iran of a surface-to-surface Qiam missile, entirely designed and built domestically and powered by liquid fuel according to Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi, a day before the Islamic republic was due to launch its Russian-built first nuclear power plant.

Critics of the Iranian nuclear deal charged that the Obama administration was not sufficiently concerned with how Iran would spend the money from its post-sanctions windfall. Evidently, departing President Obama and his team thought domestic political pressures would oblige the Iranian government to invest more heavily in constructive economic pursuits.

Reuters reports that, on the contrary, Iran is looking forward to more military spending, including more funding for ballistic missile tests that were supposed to be banned by the nuclear deal.

Iranian media announced that lawmakers voted for a five-year development plan that “requires government to increase Iran’s defense capabilities as a regional power and preserve the country’s national security and interests by allocating at least five percent of annual budget” to military spending.

The plan includes funding for “long-range missiles, armed drones, and cyber-war capabilities.”

Also still a spending priority for Tehran: arms for terrorists. Despite the nuclear deal, an arms embargo from the United Nations is still nominally in effect, but outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “expressed concern that Iran may have violated the embargo by supplying weapons and missiles to Hezbollah,” according to Reuters.

Ban’s concerns are based, in part, by senior Hezbollah officials loudly boasting in public that all of their expenses, including weapons, are paid by Iran. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah also spent the weekend praising recently-deceased Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani as a “great supporter and backer” of his movement.

Hezbollah has benefited greatly from Iran’s patronage. Newsweek pronounced Hezbollah the “real winner of the Battle of Aleppo” because fighting for Iran in Syria has enormously increased its prestige.

“Not only did Hezbollah gain valuable battlefield experience; it also preserved its pipeline of weaponry coming from Iran through Syria, which is likely the main reason the group entered the war,” Newsweek noted. There is some dark humor in the article’s subsequent observation that, besides the fighters it lost, the biggest downside for Hezbollah from its adventure in Syria is that it dislikes the Syrian government more than ever, after fighting on its behalf, and the feeling is mutual.

Not only that, but another Reuters report mentions an arms shipment from Iran seized in March that was probably destined for Somalia or Yemen.

Dismissing these concerns by arguing that even Iran’s expanded military spending is dwarfed by that of Western powers misses the point. Iran gets a lot of bang for its buck, if you’ll pardon the expression. It doesn’t have to protect its power across oceans, and its proxy armies are relatively inexpensive. It obviously doesn’t worry about developing expensive high-tech smart weapons to minimize collateral damage. It can buy a great deal of terror and unrest with its post-sanctions money, and it shows every sign of splurging on those ends, no matter how much it complains about the nuclear deal generating less revenue than it expected.

Iran Receives $10 Billion In Gold And Cash Immediately After Nuclear “Treaty” Signed, Coincidence?

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When Trump was on the campaign trail, those who opposed him frequently spoke about his stance with Iran. Trump was too hard on Iran, they claimed. Iran has lied about the parts of the deal that it was to uphold long before, so wouldn’t that negate it?

With the Obama administration, what we are seeing is that America is turning a blind eye to the fact that the leaders of Iran often attend marches where the chant commonly heard is, “Death to America.”The equally pleasant, “Down with America,” is also common. It can be argued that it is not Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani that is chanting it, but does he ever attempt to squelch the words?  No, as a mater of fact, Iran defended the chant by saying that it is not meant to be taken literally, and that the Iranian people respect America.


So let’s get this straight. We LITERALLY (there’s that word again) gave what the Wall Street Journal reports is ten billion dollars in cash and gold, sanctions relief, and various money from other forms such as trade, to a nation that respects us enough to chant for our death in a non literal way. This is what got Donald Trump elected, the mass awakening to the simple facts when actually spoken out loud.

Worse still, the money is going through endless tunnels and shields due to the way that the nuclear deal was reached that it is said to be all but impossible track. That means that no one can tell what Iran does with the money. Iran has been found guilty by multiple nations of openly supporting terrorism, so perhaps the money is going there. We may never know, even if and when the bombs start going off.


While on the topic of bombs, Iran has been caught with 20% enriched uranium which is a bit much for a standard reactor, but within reach of nuclear bomb technology. When that is understood along side the respectful “death to America” chanting, things can quickly become questionable. This is yet another reason that Trump won the election. It had less to do with Russia and more to do with “stupid deals” such as this

When even CNN is reporting that Iran has secret sites, what more proof could there be that things are amiss? When Trump says that George W. Bush made a horrendous error by entering into the Iraq war, he said it for a reason. By bringing Iraq down, it made the two warring factions of Islam which were separated by the Iran/Iraq border unite once that border was erased. Historically speaking, it recreated what the world once called Persia.

We know that Persia was one of the most brutal empires on the face the Earth. They would set people on fire, throw them from mountaintops, behead them, and act exactly like ISIS. Saddam was not a good man, a good leader, or anything other than human filth. However, even more vile filth has risen from the ashes of Saddam, and much of this can be tied to what is a division line between the two nations that exists only the map. According to history, their unity usually results in death to their neighbors.


Trump also makes a stunning point when it is remembered how bad off our economy is. Those who purchase gold know how the precious metal fluxes. When the Brexit first happened, many who flip gold for a living found a spike of over sixty dollars per ounce overnight. Imagine the win that someone who would own a significant amount of gold would see under such circumstances.  Now understand that the precious gold did not go to Americas poor – hell, not even America’s rich and greedy, but to Iran.

The money will go to Iran the next time that some world event triggers a spike in gold, and it will keep happening thanks to the deal that our leaders allowed to go through. The money could not have been more ill used had it been given to Jill Steins recount. After all, she wasn’t chanting for anyone’s (respectful) death.


Finally, there is the grim reality of where Iran is located. Even if the leaders of Iran had an epiphany and suddenly embraced the milk of human kindness to all of Israel and the world, there would still be the problem of location with the nuclear power plant. Iran is located on one of the most dangerously active fault lines in the world. Worse still, the whole world is seeing worse quakes, so it is the worst time to be in an active zone.

The very same people, doctors, and seismologists who warned about the coming quake, tidal wave, nuclear power plant location in Fukushima are giving the same warning to Iran. Sadly, they are being just as ignored as they were in Japan, which matters since Japan has yet to even found most of the missing fuel. When a quake hits Iran with the kind of ungodly (Un-Allahly?) force that hit Japan, it will be worse for the Arab people than anything America or Israel has even done to them.

At the end of the day, that is saddest fact. No one in America wants to see innocent Iranian’s or Islamist’s harmed. Americans may make jokes, some of them not so kind, but there no malice in the souls of most people in America. We do not want death to Iran, half of our population can not even find Iran on a map, but they have no hate towards the people who live there. The average Iranian loves their families just as Americans do.

By pursuing nuclear power in a zone where a massive earthquake is scientifically shown to likely happen during the life of the plant and it’s storage waste, Iran is putting the lives and health of everyone even well beyond its borders at grave risk. By pursuing nuclear weapons, Iran is putting the lives of the world at risk, because no one knows how far up the leadership chain the words “death to America” ring. What we do know is that it is literally not respectful.

Iran: Israel Risks Destruction By Continuing Settlement Construction

December 31, 2016 Leave a comment

Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman says settlements will spark war that will lead to Israel’s demise

Iran: Israel Risks Destruction By Continuing Settlement Construction

Iran has said that Israel will pay dearly for continuing with the construction of settlements on Palestinian land.

Ongoing Israeli settlement construction will spark a war that will lead to the Jewish state’s “complete destruction,” an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) spokesman said on Thursday.

General Ramezan Sharif, head of the IRGC public relations department said said that, by going ahead with settlements, the Israeli regime is risking “complete destruction,” as it will “definitely provoke a reaction”

RT reports:

The rhetoric from Iran comes a day after US Secretary of State John Kerry had criticized Israel’s activities in occupied Palestine, while playing down the United States’ role in facilitating the passage of the UN Security Council’s anti-settlement resolution.

Washington chose to abstain from voting at a Security Council meeting last Friday, when members voted to condemn the illegal construction. The Iranian spokesman hailed the move as a “sign that Washington has come to realize the course of events and continued settlement construction will result in the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel.”

The resolution was upheld with 14 votes in favor. While the US didn’t vote for the resolution, it didn’t veto it either, which is seen by some as a landmark change, given that Washington has blocked virtually every attempt to criticize Israel at the United Nations for decades.

Israel took control of Palestine in 1967, and has since faced mounting criticism of its occupation, which has included the construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Though the UN maintains that the settlements are illegal, construction has only been stepped up over the last year.

Some 430,000 Israeli settlers currently live in the West Bank, with another 200,000 calling occupied East Jerusalem home – a city that the Palestinians also view as their own capital.

In his recent comments, Kerry sharply criticized Tel Aviv, asserting that Israel’s settlements in the Palestinian territory have “nothing to do with Israel’s security,” as Israel often claims.

Kerry argued that, without a two-state solution, “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both, and it won’t ever really be at peace.”

Iran says it warns off fighters, drones during drill

December 29, 2016 Leave a comment

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian general said Wednesday that his country’s air defenses have warned off several fighter jets and drones during an ongoing military drill.

“In the past three days of military drills, the air defense has given warnings to 12 aircraft of trans-regional countries to stay away from the country’s airspace.” Gen. Abbas Farajpour was quoted as saying by the semi-official Tasnim news agency. Tasnim, which is close to Iran’s military, said the aircraft included U.S. fighter jets and drones.

Calls to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, based in Bahrain, rang unanswered Wednesday. In recent months, the 5th Fleet has complained about interactions with Iran’s military at sea and in the air.

Iranian air defense units began an exercise involving 17,000 personnel stationed over 496,000 square kilometers (190,000 square miles) in southern Iran on Monday.

Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency said troops taking part in the drill test-fired a long-range S-200 surface-to-air missile, destroying a drone.


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