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Israel hit Syrian targets using conventional fighters, missiles and electronic jamming

March 20, 2017 Leave a comment

The Israeli strike on Syria was probably with conventional fighters and missiles. There had been reports and speculation that Israel used new F35 stealth fighters for the attack.

Israeli jets have been able to operate almost freely in or close to Syria, hitting targets across the country with guided weapons without the Syrian Arab Air Force posing any real threat to the Israeli attackers. It’s likely Israel employed powerful electronic warfare during the strikes.

The last time Syrian air defenses shot down a foreign aircraft was back in 2012, when a Turkish air force RF-4E violated Syrian airspace over the Mediterranean Sea and was hit by anti-aircraft artillery fire.

Israel likely used the Popeye missile. The Popeye has 750 pounds of explosives and a range of about 48 miles.


Israel says will continue hitting Hezbollah in Syria

March 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo by AFP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said in brazen remarks that his regime will continue to conduct military attacks against Hezbollah targets inside Syria, a day after Tel Aviv had to admit airstrikes inside Syrian territory.

Israeli warplanes intruded Syrian airspace on Friday, striking several targets near the ancient city of Palmyra in the central part of the Arab country. The Syrian government said it had fired anti-aircraft missiles at the intruding Israeli jets. It said one warplane had been shot down and another damaged.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the incursion on Saturday, claiming that the strikes targeted weapons shipments to Hezbollah.

“When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah and we have intelligence and it is operationally feasible, we act to prevent it,” he alleged. “That’s how it was yesterday and that’s how we shall continue to act.”

Hezbollah defended Lebanon against Israeli wars in 2000 and 2006. It has helped both prevent and contain the spillover into Lebanon of a terrorist campaign going on in Syria. The resistance movement has also been aiding the Syrian government in its own battle against extremist militants inside Syria.

The Syrian army has called the latest Israeli airstrikes “a desperate attempt” to help the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh.

A picture taken on March 4, 2017 shows a Syrian Army T-62 tank at a damaged site in the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria. (By AFP)

Israel, on the other hand, has been contributing to the terrorist campaign in Syria with the strikes against Hezbollah and the Syrian military and by offering medical treatment for the anti-Damascus militants in the Israeli-occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights.

Last September, an Israeli lawmaker said Tel Aviv was directly aiding the terrorist group formerly known as al-Nusra Front in the Golan Heights.

Read more:

In a message posted on his Facebook page and quoted by the daily Haaretz, Knesset member Akram Hasoon said Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, as the group is currently known, was bombing the Druze village of Khadr in non-occupied Golan with Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman’s support and protection.

The Israeli regime every now and then hits targets inside Syrian territory in strikes that typically go unclaimed. While Netanyahu admitted for the first time in April 2016 that Israel had attacked dozens of convoys transporting weapons for Hezbollah in Syria, the Tel Aviv regime refuses to claim individual attacks.

It was forced to admit the Friday airstrikes, though, because its jets had been attacked by the Syrian military in that incursion.

Aiming for a state on the resistance front

Speaking to Press TV, Richard Becker, an expert with the ANSWER Coalition anti-war group, and London-based journalist and political commentator Richard Millet offered their takes on the Israeli attacks in Syria.

Millet claimed that the air raids had been “an act of self-defense” stopping Hezbollah from using those weapons against Israel. He also alleged that the strikes were “against… the takeover of Syria by Iran.”

Becker, however, said that Tel Aviv sought “to destroy Syria,” which has served as “a frontline state against the practices and policies of Israel, [i.e.] suppressing the Palestinian people and waging war on the Arab people and other people throughout the region.”

“Israel has long wanted to bring about regime change in Syria; and, if they can break up the Syrian state, that’s… seen by them [as being] in their interest,” he said.

Israeli F-35 Fighter Jet Evades Syrian Anti-Air Missiles After Deadly Airstrike

March 19, 2017 Leave a comment

A rare skirmish between Israeli and Syrian forces erupted early Friday morning. Damascus launched anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli warplanes. The attack was supposedly retaliation after Israel led a series of airstrikes in the war-torn country.

Syria’s rhetoric has become increasingly belligerent as Bashir al Assad struggles to retain control. Following the incident, Damascus issued a statement loaded with inaccuracies and threats. Assad’s government insists that Israeli warplanes attacked Syrian territory with the intention of aiding ISIS and destabilizing the military.

According to reports, “Israel is widely believed to have carried out a number of airstrikes on advanced weapons systems in Syria — including Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles and Iranian-made missiles, as well as Hezbollah positions — but it rarely confirms them.”


Despite the differences, both governments confirmed Friday’s scuffle. Israel maintains that their aircraft were in Israeli-controlled airspace when Syria launched their attack. The Israeli aerial defense system destroyed one of the missiles mid-air.

“A Syrian military statement said four Israeli airplanes violated Syrian airspace — flying into Syria through Lebanese territory — and targeted a military position in central Syria,” TIME reports.

The attack in Syria is the only event that both parties agree on however. Israel maintains that neither its citizens nor its aircraft were harmed by Syria’s missiles, while Syria released a blustering statement claiming that at least one Israeli jet was shot down.

Syria’s long, protracted civil war is finally lurching towards a conclusion. The country has been wracked by dissent for over seven years. Russia and Iran’s combined support now bolster Syria’s military so well that Assad has a won a string of critical victories.

The mayhem that crippled Syria’s government allowed the Islamic State’s rapid surge to power. The resulting strife has had devastating effects across the world. Foreign military jets now appear in Syria’s skies. Even if Assad manages to destroy his enemies, he’ll be left with a ruined country.

Until recently, Israel remained largely unaffected by the chaos. But complex forces are now at work. Hezbollah, one of Israel’s most bitter enemies, is also a devoted ally to Assad.

“I’m going to say this with all due caution, but there has never been an army that knows as much about its enemy as we know about Hezbollah,” said Major General Herzl Halevi, the chief of the IDF’s military intelligence directorate. “But still, the next war will not be simple, it will not be easy.”

Many Israelis fear a possible war with Hezbollah, or with the terrorist’s backers, Iran. Syria’s bloodshed is likely with the empowerment of both groups.

“Israeli Channel 10 TV first reported that Israel deployed its Arrow defense system for the first time against a real threat and hit an incoming missile, intercepting it before it exploded in Israel,” writes TIME.

The Arrow is advanced technology designed to intercept missiles. The military refuses to comment on whether or not the system was used, although a few news outlets aired footage of the supposed remnants of the destroyed missile.

Analysts expect Israel to continue to increase its military presence in Syria.

“Iran has gained (in the Israeli perspective, undeserved) international legitimacy from the nuclear agreement, while not mitigating one jot of Iran’s hostility towards Israel. In sum, for the IDF, events in Syria will not lead to the political outcome the U.S. and Russia are hoping for; instead, it expects to see the Shiite crescent stretching from Iran to the Mediterranean become more awash in weapons,” writes Alastair Crooke for the Huffington Post.

From Israel’s point of view, there’s almost no way for the Syrian conflict to end that won’t be devastating. The entire region is at risk if ISIS triumphs. If Assad claims victory, he’ll do so with Iran and Hezbollah at his side.

Almost none of the bloodshed in Syria seeped into Israel in recent years. The Israelis mostly suffered from random bouts of spillover fire and such events were usually ignored. Friday’s scuffle proves that the relatively peaceful relations between Damascus and Israel are unlikely to continue.

“The question is not how we would like this story to end, but how would we not like it to end,” Halevi said. “Let’s say Da’esh [an Arabic acronym for the so-called Islamic State] has been contained. The superpowers have left the area, and we are stuck here with the Iranian axis with caches of advanced weaponry.”

ISIS isn’t Israel’s biggest threat, Hezbollah is. The IDF views terrorism as a mostly a domestic threat and appear to be unconcerned about the possible consequences if jihadis continue to gain power.

An Iranian hegemony in the Middle East is a bigger threat to the world than ISIS. The Islamic State is almost cartoonish in their brutality and they’ve ignited the ire of most of the world’s superpowers. Iran is far more dangerous because their government is sophisticated and conniving enough to retain a position of global power.

U.S. Ambassador Haley Blasts UN Report, Demanding Immediate Withdrawal Of Statement On Israel

March 18, 2017 1 comment

Nikki Haley Livid At UN

The United Nations has come under fire for their recent anti-Israeli stance. It started when former President Barack Obama was still the Commander-in-Chief, and it has only escalated since then. Considering that the United States and Israel are allies, this stance isn’t sitting well with the American people.

It all started with the United Nation’s order against Israel from settling on its own property. Once that order came out, several Republican lawmakers were calling for funding to be cut off from the U.N. Unfortunately, this type of anti-Israeli stance has only continued since then.

Now, a new United Nations report came out that accused Israel of being “guilty of the crime of apartheid.” It should be noted that the report was co-authored by anti-Israel scholar Richard Falk. Nevertheless, the Trump administration was livid. They demanded that the U.N. “withdraw” the study.


Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the U.N., slammed the report. She categorized it as “anti-Israel propaganda” in a statement that was made late Wednesday night. Unfortunately, this is how the U.N. has been treating Israel for too long now.

Haley said, “The United States stands with our ally Israel and will continue to oppose biased and anti-Israel actions across the UN system and around the world.”

Don’t be so quick with your celebrations.

The report itself was appointed by the U.N Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. Apartheid was originally associated with South Africa. However the report said Israel’s policies are consistent with the definition of it. Apartheid is described as “an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination” by one racial group over another.

The report said, “Aware of the seriousness of this allegation, the authors of the report conclude that available evidence establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel is guilty of policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid as legally defined in instruments of international law.”

The commission appointed by the U.N. is supposed to promote economic development in the Arab region. However, they employed an extremely controversial person to co-author the report in Falk. According to Fox News sources, the report was sent out while he was speaking at a ceremony in Beirut.

A little history on Falk shows that he has not been kind to either Israel or the United States. In fact, he is known for being harsh and eccentric critiques of both countries. These come out specifically when talking about Islamist terrorism.

Soon after the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, Falk made a disturbing remark. “The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.” Wow, how surprising that someone who makes these types of remarks would be against Israel and the United States.

This is also a person who has repeatedly questioned “the official version of 9/11.” Back in 2013, he was on a radio show talking about “gaps” in the standard 9/11 narrative. This was the person they chose to author a report? No wonder it’s incredibly biased!

“Questioning that deeply the official version of 9/11 does touch the third rail of American political sensitivities, and there is an attempt to discredit and destroy anyone that makes such a bold statement,” Falk said.

Although there are some theories on why the U.N chose to get Falk to co-author the report. It could be seen as a slap in the face to the Trump administration. They have expressed concerns about the anti-Israel bias in the U.N., which the U.N isn’t taking too kindly. This theory gains traction as Falk has been an outspoken critic of Trump.

Trump stands with Israel

In fact, Falk said that Trump’s inauguration led him to “muse about what it might mean to live in a pre-fascist state.”

Naturally, a spokeswoman for the U.N said that the report doesn’t reflect Falk’s views. “It was published by the Economic Commission for Western Asia, a regional U.N. economic commission, without prior consultation with U.N. headquarters.”

Still, the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. also slammed the report, calling it “biased and deceitful.”

Ambassador Danny Danon didn’t hold back either. “The attempt to smear and falsely label the only true democracy in the Middle East by creating a false analogy is despicable and constitutes a blatant lie. It comes as no surprise that an organization headed by an individual who has called for boycotts against Israel, and compared our democracy to the most terrible regimes of the twentieth century, would publish such a report.”

This has also made tensions worse between the U.N. and the Trump administration. Haley herself slammed Falk while telling the secretary-general to go further.

“That it was drafted by Richard Falk, a man who has repeatedly made biased and deeply offensive comments about Israel and espoused ridiculous conspiracy theories, including about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is equally unsurprising,” she said. “The United Nations Secretariat was right to distance itself from this report, but it must go further and withdraw the report altogether.”

The report points to what it says is specific engineering of demographics made by policies designed to keep Israel as a Jewish state. It said there was a “policy of domination” in “inferior services, restrictive zoning laws and limited budget allocations made to Palestinian communities … and in the mostly segregated landscape in which Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel live.”

The report also called on member states to act against the nation. “This report accordingly recommends that the international community act immediately, without waiting for a more formal pronouncement regarding the culpability of the State of Israel, its Government and its officials for the commission of the crime of apartheid.”

This is not going to sit well with the Trump administration. They have already been eyeing 50 percent cuts in funding for U.N. programs. The administration also confirmed that it is reviewing U.S. membership on the Human Rights Council. This is because they have concerns the body unfairly targets Israel, while they overlook crimes done by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

When Haley was confirmed in January, she specifically pointed out the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias as something that the Trump administration would put a lot of focus on. “Nowhere has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel.” Haley told the Senators.

The United Nations has a history of saying things that they shouldn’t say. Back in January, they released a report saying that refugees do not pose a security threat to Americans. Despite the fact that there have been several high-profile terrorist attacks that have come from refugees, the U.N. wanted to release this report.

The former administration always spoke highly about the United Nations. That was because Obama wanted the United States to actually give sovereignty to the United Nations. It was a globalist’s dream situation. Thankfully, it never came true.

Share this article to show that Nikki Haley and the Trump administration are not happy with the United Nations. Once again, they have shown that they are going to be anti-Israel. Now they are saying that Israel is guilty of apartheid. If they keep this up, then the United States will not stay there much longer.


Israeli Bulldozers & Tanks Cross Into Gaza Flattening Palestinian Land

March 7, 2017 Leave a comment

Israeli bulldozers and military vehicles crossed the border fence into the besieged Gaza Strip on Sunday and flattened private Palestinian land.

Four Israeli armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozers, accompanied by several tanks, entered the eastern part of the town of Fukhari in Gaza’s southern governorate of Khan Yunis during the early hours of Sunday morning.

Press TV reports:

According to local sources, the invading convoy, dispatched from Israel’s Sofa military post, advanced scores of meters into the Palestinian territory along the separation fence, relying on potential support from the artillery unit being on alert inside the base.

A number of Israeli surveillance aircraft were also reported to have flown at low altitude over the area while the bulldozers were busy leveling the lands. No gunfire or shelling was reported.


The Israeli regime has long been conducting daily incursions into Gaza and in the vicinity of the so-called buffer zone, which lies on both land and sea sides of the strip.

Israeli forces often fire at those Palestinians, who work in the vicinity of the zone. Tel Aviv has not yet made clear the exact demarcation of the designated zone. The practice has in effect devastated much of the agricultural and fishing sectors of the besieged coastal enclave.

Gaza has been under an Israeli siege since June 2007. The blockade has caused a decline in the standards of living as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

Is Israel Preparing for a New Middle East War?

March 1, 2017 1 comment


Global Research

Theodor Herzl is considered the Father of the present State of Israel and founder of Zionism and in his book “The Jewish State: Essay on a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question”, proposed the creation of an independent and sovereign Jewish State for all Jews of the World while promoting the creation of the OSM (World Zionist Organization) and in his work “The Old New Earth” (1902), lays the foundations of the present Jewish state as a utopia of a modern, democratic and prosperous nation in which Projected to the Jewish people within the context of the search of rights for the national minorities of the time that lacked state, like the Armenians and the Arabs.

However,, denounces that “the isolationist policy of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu seems to be at the antipodes of the founders of Zionism, such as Teodoro Herzl and Chaim Weizmman, who included the movement within the spectrum Progressive in the field of diplomacy, so the question is whether the diplomatic isolation of Israel can be reversed with a policy that is contrary to immobility and closure. “

Thus, the Jewish movement Peace Now in its report “Moving away the solution of the Two States”, asserts that the Government of Netanyahu plans to resume the project of building more than 55,000 houses in settlements located in occupied territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem,

That more than 8,000 would be settled in the colony E-1, a territory of 12 square kilometers located between the Jewish settlement of Maale Adumin and the northeastern area of Jerusalem, which in practice would mean the termination of the existence of Two States and a decree In all rule to the red line imposed by US and EU. As a result, the Obama Administration allowed the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli settlements, ignoring US President-elect Donald Trump, who unsuccessfully tried to stop the resolution and breaking with his traditional stance, the United States resigned Veto this critical text with Israel and abstained, while the other fourteen members of the Council voted in favor, which has as immediate collateral effect “the energetic condemnation of the Netanyahu Government of the resolution of the Council, which demands the end of the Colonization and try to ensure the viability of the two-state solution, as well as the US decision to allow it to be approved. ”

Netanyahu and the manipulation of fear

American Harold Lasswell (one of the pioneers of mass communication research) studied post-World War I propaganda techniques and identified a way of manipulating the masses (hypodermic needle or magic bullet theory) , A theory embodied in his book “Propaganda Techniques in World War (1927) and based on” injecting into the population a concrete idea with the help of the mass media to direct public opinion for their own benefit and that allows to achieve The adhesion of individuals to their political ideology without resorting to violence “(defense of the sacrosanct security of Israel).

Edward L. Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew and one of the pioneers in the study of mass psychology, in his book “Crystallizing public opinion”, unravels the group’s brain mechanisms and the influence of propaganda as a method To unify his thinking. Thus, according to his words “the mind of the group does not think, in the strict sense of the word. Instead of thoughts it has impulses, habits and emotions. At the moment of deciding his first impulse is usually to follow the example of a leader in whom he trusts “, reason why the propaganda of the Zionist establishment will be directed not to the individual subject but to the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and falls Shrouded in fragments of false expectations and common aspirations that support it, using the invisible dictatorship of fear of the Third Holocaust, come from Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran.

Following the US Senate and Congressional approval of a statement prepared by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democrat Robert Menendez stating that “if Israel is forced to defend itself and take action (against Iran), the United States will be To support it militarily and diplomatically, “we will see increased pressure from the pro-Israel lobby of the United States (AIPAC) to proceed to the destabilization of Syria and Iran by expeditious methods at the Trump stage, which will be used By the US-Britain-Israel Trilateral to redesign the unconnected puzzles mapping the present Middle Eastern countries and thus achieve strategically advantageous borders for Israel, following the plan orchestrated 60 years ago by the Governments of Britain, the United States and Israel and would have the support of the main Western allies (Greater Israel, Eretz Israel), as it would try to unite the antithetical concepts of the atavism of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) and that it would drink from the sources Of Genesis 15:18, which states that “4,000 years ago, the title of ownership of all the land existing between the Nile River of Egypt and the Euphrates River was bequeathed to the Hebrew patriarch Abraham and later transferred to his descendants.”

This would entail the restoration of the Balfour Declaration (1917), which drew a state of Israel with a vast expanse of about 46,000 square miles, stretching from the Mediterranean east of the Euphrates to Syria, Lebanon, the northern part of Iraq, Northern part of Saudi Arabia, the coastal strip of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt as well as Jordan. This doctrine would have as main leader to Isaac Shamir when defending that “Judea and Samaria (biblical terms of the current West Bank) are integral part of the land of Israel. They have not been captured nor will they be returned to anyone, “a doctrine on which would be based the current postulates of the Likud party led by Netanyahu who aspires to make Jerusalem the” indivisible capital of the new Israel “, after the invasion of his Oriental after the War of the Six Days (1967).

Israeli Military Smartphones Hacked with Malware

February 26, 2017 Leave a comment

Israeli military

While information technology has made life easier than previous decades, by allowing instant communication and information sharing with all corners of the world, it has also made life more complicated – as is being discovered by the Israeli military forces since 2016.

Hackers are using a malware called “ViperRat” to manipulate the Israeli military smartphones by following a very simple technique: Luring soldiers with pictures of girls. The soldiers fall prey to the ‘honey trap’, where they end up befriending the fake cyber girls and in turn, give the hackers access to the military personnel phones.

The soldiers are then tricked into installing apps that claim will provide the soldiers an access point to interact with these girls. Some of these apps include Yee call pro; SR chat; billiards game; and Israeli love song player.

Once these apps are installed on the phones, installing the malware is simple for the hackers. The hackers have also been reported to have followed certain methods of hacking and stealing the information from the phones, including sending the soldiers fake updates for WhatsApp and Viber. These tricks give the hackers complete access and control over the phones.

Reportedly, the hackers can use the phones of the soldiers for surveillance, as well as for accessing stored personal data. The fake updates to the messenger services also enable the hackers to check the messages stored in them and send messages.

According to researchers who are looking into the matter, there are two stages to the attacks. The first is gaining the access to the stored data, and the second is to use the devices for surveillance. Around 8,500 such instances have already been identified.

Phone data such as SMS, browsing history, geolocations, and logs are also being hacked in this manner. Internet security firm Kaspersky is investigating the issue and is credited for unearthing this massive cyber-attack. Although the perpetrators of these attacks are not yet identified, it is believed the Hamas could be responsible.

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