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Fox News Host Now Getting Some Bad News From Viewers After His String Of Anti-Trump Rhetoric

February 19, 2017 3 comments


There are some things that a parent is supposed to teach a child while they are raising them. The facts about the “birds and the bees” would be one such important talk, as would the idea of not quitting one job (or working to get one’s self fired) before another job is secured. Either Fox News’ Sheppard Smith grew up in a family that did not ever mention that particular fact around the dinner table or Smith has a new gig lined up, because viewers are quite unhappy over his coverage of the president, and are calling for his head.

While Smith could be forgiven for sticking up for the fact that Trump said that Fox under-reported Islamic terror attacks (a truth, but one that he was quite entitled to contest), but this bonehead condemned Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for saying that “all lives matter,” suggesting that to Smith, maybe they don’t. Shep’ has managed to show himself to be on the false narrative crowd who’ve suggested that the populist Trump was like the “fascist” Hitler, a name that Smith to used describe Trump after a debate with Hillary Clinton.


While freedom of the press should protect Smith in every possible way, to speak outright lies and to do so without reason and with great malice is something that can (and some say should lead) to him being fired from Fox. This is because Fox is losing in the ratings game over this man, something that did not even happen with left loon Combs when he was with Hannity. Perhaps Sheppard Smith will have a remarkable career at CNN or sitting next to Racheal Maddow, but as for Fox, it can not be imagined that he will be there for very much longer. Tweets (like the one  pasted below) will likely see to it.

“@FoxNew How do you keep Shepard Smith? He called POTUS a liar 3x today. BOYCOTT Shepard Smith’s SHOW…please Retweet,” @algarrow added.

This is not because the Trump train is full of passengers who can not allow discourse, for if Smith had said that he felt that Trump was wrong, perhaps even made a PowerPoint Presentation to drive his point home, then he could have walked away from this with victory in the air. However, by crying wolf so many times and by calling Donald Trump a fascist or any of the other rootless claims that have spilled from his mouth, no one is willing to listen to him any longer.


This is what has happened to the mainstream media as a whole. They have lied about being shot at, been caught staging war footage that never happened, reporting on fake chemical attacks, and doing everything in their power to uproot the entire presidency of Donald Trump. Even the establishment Democrats and Republicans have allowed the media to become part of the socialist and anti-Constitutional force that is ruining every aspect of American life, not simply reporting the news. Our living rooms are full of reports about Trump and Russian ladies of the night while the real news that Putin and Trump may actually get along is dampened.

The people who voted for Donald Trump are not forgetting that we were called bigots, sexists, homophobic, violent, fascist, and clueless since the day that we pounded the “TRUMP” sign into our front yards. Knowing that none of what was said about the movement was true, becoming aware that what they reported on Trump was not true (unless it hurt him), and seeing that his rallies were not the battlefields reported upon unless attacked by the left, there is no other outcome that can be reached other than to distrust the major news outlets. When such lies are told then there is no way to ever again gain that trust back.

The bigger problem here is that we are witnessing the purposeful undermining of a sitting president. To say that Trump’s travel ban was “mean” to refugees in need, if one feels that way as a journalist or reporter, is fine. To say that it is a “Muslim” ban is NOT fine because it is not factual in any way. It may be legal to say it, but it is dishonest, and it will cost a journalist their job. The same thing applies to anyone in the media who wants to say that Donald Trump is crude in how he talks based on comments about grabbing certain areas when flirting; that is fair. However, to suggest that Trump has dealings with prostitutes and to include Russia’s leader in the tale is not only unfair, but completely liable.

It will be interesting to see just how long Sheppard Smith will remain at his post on Fox. If he is sent packing, it will be interesting in the same way to see where he ends up, if anywhere. He may find that he is not welcomed at any network because he has proven himself dishonest and hateful. The alphabet soup of CNN, ABC, NBC, etc all LOVE when Trump is attacked by even fake news and lies, but they are a bit less likely to hire known liars from other networks. They tend to be quite partial to their own liars, as shown by how Megyn Kelly got far less in offers than she ever imagined possible.

That may be because America is wanting more than a (very) pretty face mixed with a (very) sour attitude that asks pointed questions just to slander a man. It has, surely, a lot to do with those who care enough to watch the news being so fed up with reporting and journalism that is not only biased (which is permissible when not “just” reporting facts), but outright deceitful and unbecoming. There is no other way to put it, and the mainstream media had better get the memo and tweets. They had better read the editorials and see the ever declining viewership as a sign that America is tuning out.

It was leftwing favorite Michael Moore who said that voters for Trump were voting for a major shifting in the system more than for Trump. For some that may have been true, but to whatever degree it was, it was a result of people like Moore and his Democratic/Green Party socialists on the left who are to blame. Moore may have figured this fact out, and if so, he had better call Smith pretty quickly with the news, because time seems to be running out.

Tick tock, tick tock…

Discredited Brian Williams: Trump Trying to Discredit Media!

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Williams was fired over fake news in 2015

Discredited Brian Williams: Trump Trying to Discredit Media!



President Donald Trump is trying to discredit the media, according to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who discredited himself over a fake news story during the Iraq War.

“The press provided basically the most essential task that the Founders intended for us to do, which was, we outed a public official, who was lying to the public, about the nature of his contacts about what many would define as a hostile foreign power,” Williams claimed on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour. “That is the most basic function of a free press in this — in our society, and the president’s response to that was to have a semi-meltdown, and to accuse us all of purveying fake news, when in fact, his own actions, which were to fire General Flynn, proved that that news was spot on.”

“It was 100% accurate.”

Williams was fired from NBC in 2015 for falsely claiming he was riding in a helicopter that was shot down by RPG fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The incident was the very definition of “fake news,” yet Williams peddled his lie during public appearances and on NBC for years until veterans who accompanied him on the trip spoke out publicly.

“Williams is not a journalist; he’s a performer,” said veteran journalist Michael Wolff. “Nobody does any reporting — it’s the evening news, for goodness’ sake.”

And despite the controversy, Williams still warned viewers about the “booming business of fake news” during a MSNBC segment in December.

“And lately there’s been a lot of coverage in the real news about the growing and booming business of creating fake news,” he said. “…Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience.”

Of course, Williams. MSNBC decided to hire you after NBC fired you over fake news.

Fake News Against Trump Is Failing

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Mainstream dinosaur media outlets continue to attack Trump

Leftist media outlets are telling you that reality based news is too intense for you, so stick to fake news.

Unfortunately for them, Trump’s ratings and the ratings of independent news originations just keep moving up.

Trump: Media ‘Not My Enemy, Enemy of the People!’

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

President takes media to task over dishonest reporting

Trump: Media 'Not My Enemy, Enemy of the People!'

President Donald Trump on Friday continued assailing the “fake news” media on Twitter, perpetuating a brutal tongue-lashing suffered by establishment press outlets the previous day.

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” the US president tweeted.

The outburst follows a Thursday press conference where Trump aired his grievances with the media’s biased coverage on his administration.

The president proceeded to announce his latest cabinet pick, but also used the opportunity to call out what he has dubbed the “fake news” media.

“I’ve never seen more dishonest media than frankly, the political media,” Trump said, comparing the political media to economic press.

“I mean, I watch CNN, it’s so much anger and hatred and just the hatred,” his remarks continued.

In a brief back and forth with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, Trump also jokingly changed his nickname for the cable news network from “fake news” to “very fake news.”

Trump’s tweet also follows a plea from radio host Alex Jones, who earlier Friday put out a call for Trump and others to begin popularizing the term “fakestream media.”

It Is About Time That We Had A President That Was Willing To Go To War With The Mainstream Media

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Thursday afternoon’s press conference was perhaps the most memorable moment of Donald Trump’s presidency so far

It Is About Time That We Had A President That Was Willing To Go To War With The Mainstream Media

Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse Blog

Thursday afternoon’s press conference was perhaps the most memorable moment of Donald Trump’s presidency so far. Trump’s blistering attack on the media was quite a spectacle, but the truth is that it was desperately needed.

For decades, the mainstream media has dominated political discourse in this country no matter who has been in control of the White House or Congress. They have become masters of guiding and shaping public opinion, and in recent years they have completely discarded any pretense of being “unbiased” or “objective”. These monolithic media organizations relentlessly push the progressive agenda of their owners (the global elite), and that is why the “news” always seems to be just about the same no matter which network it is coming from. Their monopoly is slowly being broken by the rise of the alternative media, but the truth is that most Americans still rely on just a handful of ultra-powerful media organizations for their news.

So when Trump brutally attacked the mainstream media at his press conference on Thursday, millions upon millions of Americans greatly rejoiced, because they finally got what was coming to them. And then on Friday, Trump posted a message to Twitter calling the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN “the enemy of the American people”…

After Donald Trump’s surprise election victory in November, many in the mainstream media started referring to the pro-Trump alternative media as “fake news”, but now Trump has totally turned that insult against them.

For weeks Trump has been referring to CNN as “fake news”, but on Friday he said that he was now going to refer to them as “very fake news”. The following exchange between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta comes from the official White House website

Q Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you, sir —

THE PRESIDENT: I’m changing it from fake news, though.

Q Doesn’t that undermine —

THE PRESIDENT: Very fake news now. (Laughter.)

We have never seen an exchange quite like that between a president of the United States and a prominent member of the mainstream media, but it was well overdue…

For eight years, the mainstream media gushed and fawned over Barack Obama because he supported the progressive agenda of the global elite, but now that Trump is in the White House virtually every story from the mainstream media is negative.

So when Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon refers to them as “the opposition party” he is right on target…

In a rare interview with The New York Times last month, Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon, the former chair of the far-right Breitbart News, called reporters the “opposition party” and said “the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.”

“They don’t understand this country,” Bannon said. “They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

At this point, the mainstream media is so desperate to portray Trump as a bad guy that they have resorted to a modern day version of McCarthyism. For decades, liberals always pointed to McCarthyism as one of the greatest examples of paranoia and intolerance in modern American history, but now they are doing the exact same thing to Trump

A bizarre feature of the present confrontation is that the Democrats and liberals have relaunched McCarthyism, something they would have decried as a toxic episode in American political history until a few months ago. Just as Senator Joe McCarthy claimed in 1950 to have a list of communist infiltrators in the State Department, so any contact between a Trump supporter or official and a Russian is now being reported as suspicious and potentially treacherous. It is difficult to see where Trump is wrong when he tweeted that “the Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly, so they made up a story – RUSSIA. Fake news!”

The reason why many of us constantly refer to the mainstream media as a single entity is because it really is very tightly controlled. You see, the truth is that more than 90 percent of the news, information and entertainment that Americans get through their televisions comes from just 6 giant media corporations. And of course those 6 enormous corporations are owned and controlled by the elite of the world.

The war for our society is a war for hearts and minds, and the reason why the elite have made so much progress is because most Americans allow thousands upon thousands of hours of “programming” to be constantly pumped into their heads.

The following numbers come directly from Nielsen, and they show how much news, information and entertainment average Americans consume through various methods each day…

Watching live television: 4 hours, 32 minutes

Watching time-shifted television: 30 minutes

Listening to the radio: 2 hours, 44 minutes

Using a smartphone: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Using Internet on a computer: 1 hour, 6 minutes

When you add the top two categories together, the average American consumes more than five hours of television every single day.

And when you add all of those categories together, the average American is plugged into “the matrix” in some way for more than 10 hours a day.

We are literally subjecting ourselves to a form of very powerful mind control, and the extraordinary power of the media is something that I addressed in my novel. There are some people that actually cannot stand complete silence because they have become so accustomed to having something “on” all the time. As a society, we are absolutely addicted to entertainment, but there is always an agenda behind that entertainment. This is something that I talked about in a previous article

Virtually every television show, movie, song, book, news broadcast and talk show is trying to shape how you view reality. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly being bombarded with messages about what is true and what is not, about what is right and what is wrong, and about what really matters and what is unimportant. Even leaving something out or ignoring something completely can send an extremely powerful message.

When Donald Trump said that the mainstream media is “the enemy of the American People”, he was 100 percent correct.

If our country is going to have a positive future, the immense power that these media corporations have over the general population must be broken.

It is about time that we had a president that was willing to go to war with the mainstream media, and I greatly applaud President Trump for the stand that he is taking.

Maduro Kicks CNN Out of Venezuela, Following Trump Resistance to “Coup By Fake News”

February 17, 2017 1 comment


Mac Slavo

Embattled Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro is following in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump – in dissing CNN and calling them out as “fake news.”

Indeed, it seems that world leaders are now officially onto their tricks.

Only weeks ago, President-elect Trump denied a CNN reporter a question at his first press conference, after ranting about things he indicated the network has done, before accusing them being “fake news.” No question for you:

President Donald Trump Slams CNN and calls them Fake News!!!

It turned out to be the shot heard ’round the world.

As Zero Hedge reported:

Two days ago, we reported that Venezuela’s President Maduro threatened to take CNN off the air as a result of accusations it was spreading propaganda and “fake news.” Well, it is now official because as AP reports, Venezuela’s government has officially suspended CNN in Spanish, shutting off the news channel after a report on fraudulent passports that drew angry criticism from officials.

The country’s National Telecommunications Commission announced Wednesday that it initiated the “administrative sanction” because of news stories it considered “direct aggressions” against Venezuela.

As we explained on Monday, over the weekend Maduro said he wanted CNN out of the country, accusing it of spreading fake news, misrepresenting the truth and meddling in issues that are not of its concern. According to a PanAmPost report, Maduro’s anger was the result of a student demand on national television that the president improve the conditions of his school, asking for security, infrastructure and food so his classmates wouldn’t faint from hunger anymore. CNN en Español visited the high school and talked with the staff about the student, and whether Maduro had made any improvements since that incident only to discover he had not.

CNN has been exposed as a propaganda outlet, and identified as such – an unofficial but very direct arm of U.S. State Dept. propaganda policy. Thanks to some tweaks in the law passed under President Obama, propaganda was officially legalized within the borders of the United States, expanding the previous mandate for ‘official’ propaganda only being broadcast in overseas targets. Now, covert ties, and conflicts of interests need not be tended to, nor a check on bias and facts.

Propaganda is legalized, weaponized and a potent, and regular weapon of population conditioning both at home and abroad. CNN has proved to be a particularly flagrant example, and have no doubt spun some webs for the corporate empire, some of which is based in U.S. power.

This is interesting because of the pattern that is developing.

This is a cross-stitched, ingrained pattern – it cuts both ways.

CNN has now been officially outed as a weapon of state. Its propaganda line favors some rather obvious interests, from the general establishment line, to scrimmage against anti-vaccine news to defend pharmaceutical sponsors, to partnering with foreign governments and granting favorable coverage, to allegedly manufacturing stories and events with a dubious basis in reality. The network, strapped for cash to continue its operations has even gone so far as to create PR items for sponsors that appears to be, or could easily be confused with, actual news coverage, that instead touts positive associations and talking points.

Al Jazeera reported on the phenomenon, asking CNN to broadcast corporate propaganda as news? A cynical but witty observer would point out the obvious lack of distinction between this new policy, and every other day of broadcast when corporate interests are promoted:

On June 8, CNN unveiled “Courageous,” a new production unit and an in-house studio that would be paid by advertisers to produce and broadcast news-like “branded content.”

“This isn’t about confusing editorial with advertising,” CNN executive Dan Riess told the Wall Street Journal. But a corporation going beyond advertising on a channel and funding the network to produce PR segments made to look like news is exactly the kind of confusion Riess is referring to.

It is a difficult line, but CNN should, in fact, but painted with a scarlet letter “P” for propaganda so that everyone can see them approaching.

In this case, CNN has it coming, and we can only chuckle at seeing them reprimanded. But other cases might not be so funny. Harsh rules could chill free speech and stifle legitimate investigative journalism, in spite of the fact that many of these outlets and fronts are being used in attempt to destabilize foreign regimes, or, let’s say, help pick the president in a given American election. The fact that Trump fought back against CNN was justified, but not the lawsuits that have been filed against journalists for reporting about alleged scandals in his wife’s past.

In point of fact, the false narrative about “fake news” that was propagated by the left, and the supporters of the former Secretary of State, who was in a sense, once the premier U.S. official over the use of propaganda, succeeded in stripping advertising revenue, You Tube monetization and other financial supporter for many alternative media outlets, both big and small.

I know from personal stories that people have been hurt by this – without any specific charge against their website, but because they were included on the ProporNot blacklist of “fake news” alternative media sites, many of whom supported Donald Trump in the election.

This is an information war, and the pendulum will swing in both directions.

At one end is total state control of the media and media censorship. This happens in a clumsy, but complete sort of way in many authoritarian regimes, and in a subtle and crafty way in democratic societies. Individual rights are at risk; freedom of speech is violated even in places that should guard it. Data and information have become just another avenue for police, customs and border or civil authorities to investigate, examine and control. But intellectual thoughts and expressions should remain protected in the right to say them, and private in the transfer and storage and free from data collection unless there is a specific warrant for a specific case.

And on the other end, stealthy covert warfare has been ongoing through the fronts of philanthropy and charity organizations, think tanks and protest coalitions and the indirect funding of proxy groups. Vladimir Putin set the tone by kicking out hundreds of NGOs and diplomatic organizations that he rightly branded as “undesirable” – these groups chiefly centered around their connections to billionaire George Soros, who has admittedly been sponsoring color revolutions since the string of rebellions that split up the Soviet Union.

via Washington Times:

Two pro-democracy foundations launched by liberal U.S. billionaire businessman George Soros have been officially banned by the Russian government, the Kremlin said Monday, which charged that the groups pose a threat to Russian national security and public order.

The decision by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, which extends a crackdown on foreign nongovernmental organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House begun this summer, puts the Moscow branches of Mr. Soros‘ Open Society Foundations and an allied foundation on a so-called “stop list” of foreign NGOs that are no longer allowed to operate within Russia’s borders or give money to Russian individuals and civil society organizations.

“It was found out that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation poses a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitutional system and security of the state,” said Marina Gridneva, the spokesperson of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, in a statement Monday.

More recently, Soros, and partners like former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have been using foundation front groups and artificial protests to agitate and overturn ‘undesirable’ regimes. Much of the Arab Spring consisted of such phony uprisings, which advanced covert policy objectives of the U.S. State Dept. and the private whims of an eccentric villain. Russia has been the major target of this work, though much of it has been conducted at indirect targets. NGOs have been positively connected to protest movements in Russia, outspoken critics of Putin and attempts to stir a color revolution inside the Russian state.

While testifying to Congress as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton noted the rise of information warfare – a battle which she claimed the U.S. was losing, in part to lobby for more State Dept. propaganda funds – and the multi-polar world where RT and Al Jazeera have become counter-propaganda outlets, carrying information that (often rightly) contradicts the falsities and fictions of the official government mouthpieces and corporate media sycophants.

Hillary identified Venezuela, Russia and China as “enemies” whose propaganda should be met with increased funding for U.S. counter-propaganda and broadcast efforts. Hence, Maduro’s ban of CNN, just like Putin’s kicking out the Soros-linked foundations, is actually proportional to clear activities directed against it. Though Maduro is not a good guy, he is certainly justified in suggesting that U.S. corporate media is attempting to undermine his authority, and further, it would not be radical to suggest that a sustained campaign was intended to fuel his ouster.

Later in her 2016 campaign, a bitter Hillary Clinton would also label alternative media outlets inside the U.S. as enemies and/or deplorables. Where she was able to, she and her surrogates also connected alternative media to Russian propaganda strings.

That narrative chased candidate, then President-elect, and now President Trump all the way into the Oval Office, and attempted to delegitimize Trump’s victory with the false narrative of Russian hacking. With the firing of Gen. Flynn, the narrative takes a new, and strong turn, suggesting blackmail and intrigue with Russian counterparts inside Trump’s cabinet.

Who controls this narrative? With a free and open Internet, we can hope that the truth will always out, in one way or another. In fact, it is countless ordinary Americans, outraged at the things taking place in their name and insider our borders who’ve been speaking out, holding political leaders accountable with tough questions, taking elected officials to task at town hall meetings, driving alternative media blogs and You Tube accounts, fighting IRS and Obamacare corruption, etc. etc.

Slapping down CNN and the other news whores is long overdue; but not if it infringes on legitimate free speech.

Information is a powerful weapon of regime change; and it should remain that way, with everyone equally armed.

FAKE NEWS: NBC News Incorrectly Says Criminals Can Legally Manufacture Their Own Guns

February 16, 2017 Leave a comment

ATF confirms criminals still not allowed to possess firearms

A man pointing a toy gun at a laptop

NBC News ran a segment during their Nightly News program last week that incorrectly said criminals can legally manufacture guns for their own personal use.

“This is a real gun and anyone can buy it, no background check required,” Jeff Rossen, NBC News national investigative correspondent, said as the segment opened. “It’s perfectly legal.”

In an accompanying piece on the NBC News website titled “Loophole Lets Criminals Buy Untraceable ‘Ghost Guns’ Online,” reporter Lindsey Bomnin claimed that because the guns in question are unfinished when shipped to the customer it is legal for anyone, including criminals, to legally finish the manufacturing and assembly of the guns.

“The guns are built from kits and arrive in pieces, so under existing law, when they’re shipped, they aren’t guns,” Bomnin wrote. “When assembled by their buyers, they’re lethal—and legal.”

However, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that this is incorrect. Despite what NBC News claims, felons and other people considered “prohibited persons” under federal and most state laws are not legally allowed to manufacture and possess their own firearms.

“It is illegal for a prohibited person to have a firearm or ammunition,” ATF spokesperson Ginger Colbrun said. “They can NOT be in possession of a firearm.”

While ATF agent Graham Barlowe is quoted in the NBC News piece warning that some criminals are attempting to manufacture guns with the kits in question, Colbrun said federal law already prohibits them from doing so.

“We are not claiming it is legal,” she said. Agent Barlowe “was pointing out how prohibited individuals are skirting the background check because they won’t pass them.”

Though the Nightly News segment claims “Ghost Guns” are “being used in shootings across the country from Maryland to California,” the ATF said it doesn’t have any data on how often unmarked guns are actually used in crimes.

“It is hard to capture,” Colbrun said. “Oftentimes when local LE come across unmarked firearms they do not report them/request a trace on them because they do not have the traditional markings required for a trace.”

NBC’s depiction of the process required to finish the kinds of guns available in the kits in question has also come under criticism from former ATF agent Rick Vasquez, the man who assembled the gun kit featured in their report. Vasquez said he spent about eight hours with the NBC crew for the report but while he said it wasn’t taken out of context, he still felt the piece didn’t accurately show the manufacturing process he undertook.

“Nothing that I said was misrepresented. There just wasn’t enough depth,” Vasquez told the Free Beacon. “I wish there had been more discussion about the actual manufacturing of the firearm.”

During the segment, Vasquez is briefly shown assembling the AR-15 kit NBC News had purchased.

“All the parts you need come together in the box,” Rossen said in a voiceover as Vasquez is working. “In fact, the part that makes it a gun even comes 80 percent complete. So, it takes him just a couple of hours to put it together.”

The segment doesn’t show the milling that’s required to turn an 80 percent AR-15 lower component into a finished lower component—a complicated process requiring specialty power tools like a drill press or CNC machine.

NBC News did not respond to a request for comment.

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