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CNN Caught Wagging The Dog In Syria

April 15, 2017 Leave a comment

Once again CNN is exposed for lying to their audience

CNN has been caught lying to their audience so many times that we made a compilation of the most cringeworthy reports.

Top national news organizations increase security for employees

March 29, 2017 Leave a comment

— SCOOP: NEWSROOMS UP SECURITY — Some national news organizations have recently increased their security for employees as tensions continue to run hot toward the media. In recent months, the Washington Post has increased security at its downtown D.C. HQ, with both more security at the door and more security guards walking around the newsroom during the day. In the past few weeks, McClatchy Newspapers’ DC bureau has begun requiring employees to swipe their key cards to access their floor in their downtown D.C. building (which also houses the WSJ) — they also have locked the doors to get into the newsroom once people reach their floor, according to a source familiar with the building.

“We upgraded security from essentially nothing to something consistent with other news organizations in Washington. It wasn’t in response to a specific threat. It’s simply general acknowledgement of the environment in which we all work,” Kristin Roberts, executive editor of McClatchy Washington, told us. CNN, which had already ramped up security after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, has stepped up its security following an increasing number of threats against reporters and anchors, according to a source familiar with the network’s plans. WaPo and CNN declined to comment.

The security concerns haven’t just affected national news organizations. One general manager for a top Florida TV station told us that accusations of bias, some of which are threats, have increased tenfold since the election. To increase security, the manager last year ordered the building of a fence around their perimeter that didn’t exist before, has changed the station’s protocol for visitors and has prohibited drop-ins from unannounced visitors.

Local TV stations have always been targets for people like stalkers (especially of female anchors), conspiracy theorists and other disturbed individuals. But the top-20 Florida station’s television executive said there’s an “environment of hostility from anti-government groups and our government” has led to many more “accusations that TV stations are either carrying the water for the liberals, giving Trump too much press coverage or being part of a fake news apparatus.”

Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

March 18, 2017 Leave a comment

“Incident is being sensationalized” says Williams

Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

Matthew Boyle | Breitbart

The fake news establishment media at CNN is at it again. Now they are attacking Fox News host Sean Hannity, smearing his reputation with a phony story about him allegedly pointing a gun at liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams.

Dylan Byers, one of the media writers at CNN who works for media industry defender Brian Stelter, printed a story on Thursday alleging: “Last year, after ending one of his many spirited on-air arguments with liberal contributor Juan Williams, Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams.” Byers cited “three sources with knowledge of the incident” to make the claim.

“He even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams’ body,” Byers wrote, adding in parentheses: “Hannity was just showing off, the sources said, but the unforeseen off-camera antic clearly disturbed Williams and others on set.”

Byers added in the next paragraph that the alleged incident was investigated, and it was determined nothing bad happened.

“For the record: Hannity’s colleagues brought the Williams incident to the attention of Fox News executives, though it’s not clear whether anything came of it,” Byers wrote. “The sources said it went to Bill Shine, the network’s co-president and longtime Fox News executive, who is Hannity’s longtime friend and a former producer. A Fox News spokesperson said the incident was referred to the legal and human resources departments.”

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Spicer Smacks CNN Over Ignorance About Obamacare Effect in Real World

March 16, 2017 Leave a comment

( Critics of the mainstream media often claim news reporters exist in a bubble in which they can hear only their own opinions echoed off its walls.

That critique appeared to be reflected in a remark White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made to CNN reporter Jim Acosta at Tuesday’s daily briefing.

During a back on forth on the administration’s attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, Spicer noted Americans are “paying higher and higher premiums” because “government-mandated, government-run healthcare has actually gone amuck.”

Acosta noted, “Medicare is government run,” and charged, “You don’t have senior citizens screaming that they want you to get rid of their Medicare.”

Shot back Spicer, “Yes, they are. I think you need to maybe get outside and talk to some of them because more and more Medicaid recipients — in fact, more and more Medicare recipients aren’t able to get coverage.”

He continued, “It’s one thing to have a card. It’s another thing to walk into a doctor’s office and them to tell you we no longer accept Medicaid anymore. That’s not care.”

Acosta pressed on with a theme echoed more than once by his colleagues: “But the President is okay that there are going to be millions of people who aren’t going to have coverage?”

Spicer explained it was the president’s goal to make affordable healthcare coverage available to everyone, but under Obamacare they are not getting that because, “The costs are going up, the choices are going down, and deductibles are going up.”

But reporters seemed under the impression that Trump had promised to provide universal health care coverage.

One asked, “Can you stand here today and say that the President will keep his promise of insurance for everybody?”

Another asked, “President Trump has said that under his plan there will be insurance for everybody … Is that a promise he can really keep?”

Spicer made the key clarification a number of times that the president’s goal was not to provide government-guaranteed coverage for every American, but to make affordable healthcare available to every American who wants it.

He said Obamacare was doomed to collapse because, “The costs are going up, the choices are going down, and deductibles are going up,” and that doing nothing was not an option.

That meant, “The question is, what can we do instead and what can we replace that with that gives people greater choice and lowers cost?”

In so many words, Spicer also explained the difference between what the president was proposing and universal coverage.

“I think in most cases, of course some people are always going to choose in a free society to not purchase something — I mean, we live in a country of 320 million people — at some point, you can’t force a product or a good down people in a free society.”

Spicer added, “But I think if you can give them a quality product that serves their needs, that they have the time, at a price that they can afford, there’s a greater likelihood under every economic model that that suggests that that will work.”

He pointed to Obamacare’s increasing unpopularity with consumers, noting, “You’ve got almost 20 million people in America who have said that they don’t want Obamacare and they’ll either pay a penalty or will apply for a hardship.”

Perhaps to counter the media narrative that Americans would suffer under the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, the White House issued a series of statements from people who have suffered because of it.

On Tuesday, Spicer’s office released this statement:

Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with Obamacare Victims

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump welcomed to the Roosevelt Room individuals who have experienced significant hardship as a result of Obamacare’s poor coverage and rising prices.

The individuals in attendance included:

Ms. Kim Sertich of Arizona, whose health insurance has been cancelled three times since Obamacare became law. The plans now available to her have limited networks and high deductibles. Even worse, she will only have one insurer to choose from in 2017.

Mrs. Carrie Couey of Colorado, a mother of six from a cattle ranching family whose youngest son is autistic. The pre-Obamacare cost for her family’s insurance was $17,000 per year. After Obamacare became law, her insurance costs skyrocketed to $52,500 per year for a lower quality plan. Additionally, the cost for workers’ compensation insurance for her business’s employees increased from approximately $17,000 per year to more than $70,000 per year.

Mr. Elias Seife of Florida, who has had to change his and his wife’s health insurance every year for the past few years because his premiums have increased 30-40 percent annually, and the deductibles have risen even more sharply. Mr. Seife said that the middle class has been particularly hard-hit by Obamacare.

Ms. Brittany Ivey of Georgia, a working mother whose family has struggled under Obamacare. Ms. Ivey was working part-time at a small business that provided her family with health insurance until Obamacare raised her premiums sharply. This drove the Ivey family into the individual market, where a mid-level plan cost 65 percent of her monthly gross income, even accounting for a federal subsidy.

Mr. Greg Knox of Ohio, the owner of Knox Machinery and Chairman of the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association. The businesses in Mr. Knox’s association have been significantly affected by Obamacare’s rising prices. Mr. Knox expressed optimism that President Trump will return free market principles to our Nation’s healthcare system, which will benefit consumers by increasing options and lowering costs.

Mr. Joel Brown of Tennessee, a farmer whose costs for catastrophic coverage has spiked in the wake of Obamacare, from $119 per month to more than $500 per month. As a result, Mr. Brown was forced to settle for a much less desirable plan provided through his church, which cost him $280 per month.

Dr. Manny Sethi of Tennessee, founder of Healthy Tennessee, a non-profit organization designed to promote preventative healthcare. Dr. Sethi has seen first-hand Obamacare’s negative effects on the medical profession. As an orthopedic trauma surgeon and Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Sethi is well aware of how Obamacare has harmed patient care across the country.

Dr. Robin Armstrong of Texas, a medical doctor whose wife is a breast cancer survivor. Dr. Armstrong strongly opposes Obamacare because its rising premiums and deductibles have hurt his patients. Dr. Armstrong told President Trump that he is excited about the reforms the President is pursuing, and believes they will drastically improve America’s healthcare system.

Hon. Stan Summers of Utah, a local county commissioner whose family has endured significant hardship as a result of Obamacare. Mr. Summers’ wife has been very sick and his son has struggled with a rare disease. Their insurance costs have skyrocketed as a result of Obamacare.

Mr. Louis Brown of Virginia, a 35-year-old attorney who currently works for the Christ Medicus Foundation, a Catholic healthcare foundation. In 2009, as Obamacare was moving through Congress, Mr. Brown was a staffer at the Democratic National Committee. He told President Trump that after much prayer and soul searching, he resigned from the DNC because he could not support a party that wanted to include taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamacare. Today, Mr. Brown supports the reforms in the American Health Care Act.

Ms. Gina Sell of Wisconsin, a young nurse who has had to work much longer hours to afford her increased health insurance premium under Obamacare. In fact, her premium now costs her more than her mortgage.

After hearing these stories, President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price each committed to fighting for reforms that will bring costs down and increase access to care for all Americans.

Republished with permission from via iCopyright license.

Hiding the Media’s Disapproval Rating

March 16, 2017 Leave a comment

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham

The latest poll by USA Today and Suffolk University carried some eye-opening numbers about public disapproval of the media’s aggressive attempts to run the country. It found that President Trump has a 47 percent approval rating and that 44 percent disapprove of him.

That’s not surprising. The media talk about his unpopularity all the time.

But here’s what they don’t talk about: their own numbers. Only 37 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of their job performance. A whopping 50 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Look at the numbers by party identification. Republican unfavorable opinion of the media? It’s 78 percent. Only 10 percent have a favorable opinion. The Democrats are the opposite: Sixty-nine percent hold a favorable view, and 19 percent hold an unfavorable view.

The pollsters offered other media questions, asking: “President Trump has said journalists and the media are the enemy of the American people. Do you agree or disagree?” That’s an exaggerated question. Trump’s actual tweet accused only ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and the “failing” New York Times of being “fake news” and the “enemy of the American people.”

Many conservatives would steer clear of saying that journalists (liberal media and conservative media) are the enemy of the people and stick with chief White House strategist Steve Bannon’s take that the media are the “opposition party” to Trump. But even so, 64 percent of Republicans in the poll agreed with Trump, and only 29 percent disagreed. Democrats sided with their liberal-media buddies, 88 percent disagreeing and 9 percent agreeing.

These pollsters also asked the public which statement they agreed with, “President Trump is right when he says the news media is unfair and biased against him” or “The news media is right when they say they are appropriately holding the White House accountable.”

This result clearly demonstrates how divided the country is on the media under President Trump. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans agree with Trump, and 12 percent disagree. Democrats align with the media’s sudden rush to “accountability,” 86 percent disagreeing and 7 percent in agreement.

Both sides know the media are liberal.

These results were submerged in USA Today. The front-page story on the overall poll was headlined “Temperament and tweets tripping up president.” Reporter Susan Page began saying, “President Trump gets high marks for leadership amid growing economic optimism, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds, but questions about his temperament and his tweets have cost him the political boost that a president traditionally gets from that good news.”

Page also underlined that his 47 percent approval rating makes him “the first president in modern times not to score majority approval at this early point in his tenure.” Fifty-nine percent would like Trump to turn down the tweeting, but even we’ve made that recommendation.

The poll questions about the media finally make a brief appearance 23 paragraphs deep in the story but without the partisan breakdown. Page says: “Meanwhile, Trump’s attacks on reporters divide Americans: 42% say he is right when he says the news media are unfair and biased against him; 48% say the news media are right when they say they are appropriately holding the White House accountable. Are the news media ‘the enemy of the American people’ as the president has asserted? One-third of Americans, 34%, agree with him. Fifty-nine percent disagree.”

The media’s rating of 37 percent favorable and 50 percent unfavorable was left out.

The newspaper industry is declining, as USA Today surely knows: Gannett split into two companies in 2015, one for broadcasting and one for the less profitable print business. It is interesting to watch elite newspapers in the Trump era doubling down on the liberal-activist course. There’s a reason half the country no longer cares to read them.

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog

CNN just DESTROYED for “communist” attacks

March 15, 2017 Leave a comment

Source: Horn News

Conservative commentator Michael Savage just destroyed CNN — and what he said left conservatives cheering.

Finally, someone with the guts to say what most Americans are thinking.

During an appearance on Newsmax TV on Friday, Savage unloaded on CNN’s shameful bias against President Donald Trump, and compared the corporate network to Soviet propaganda newspapers that thrived under dictators like Joseph Stalin.

“What do we say about them that hasn’t been said hundred times? What do we need to know about the Wolf Blitzers and the Jake Tappers of the world, to be specific?” Savage said to Steve Malzberg. “They work for the Democratic Party. They are part in parcel of Pravda or Izvestia,” two communist party papers in the former USSR.

“They are the mouthpiece of the far left, pretending to be objective journalists,” Savage continued, citing the mainstream media’s failure to properly cover last week’s tragic ax attack in Germany.

The savage assault was carried out by an unvetted Muslim migrant, and left nearly a dozen innocent people seriously injured.

“When you have an attack yesterday, in Germany, by an Islamist murderer with an axe and…. they don’t even call them a jihadi, they call him a deranged man,” Savage continued. “I mean, what are we going to do if we don’t identify the enemy themselves? How can we ever win the war against radical Islam?”

Of course, CNN has been a frequent target for Trump.

The president has called the liberal network “very fake news” and the “Clinton News Network” — and warned that fake news was an “enemy of the people” of America.

We couldn’t agree more.

CNN’s Reza Aslan Faces Backlash After Eating Part of a Human Brain While Filming with Hindu Cannibal Sect

March 11, 2017 Leave a comment

Katherine Rodriguez

CNN’s Reza Aslan has been facing some heavy criticism after he ate part of a human brain while filming a segment on a Hindu sect in India.

The episode, part of a series called Believer with Reza Aslan, provoked disgust from many viewers and prompted backlash from many American Hindus after it was aired Sunday, the Daily Mail reported.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), the only Hindu in Congress and one of the more high-profile critics of the episode, blasted CNN for using “sensationalist” ways to promote Hinduism.

“I am very disturbed that CNN is using its power and influence to increase people’s misunderstanding and fear of Hinduism,” Gabbard wrote on Twitter. “Aslan apparently sought to find sensationalist and absurd ways to portray Hinduism.”

“Aslan and CNN didn’t just throw a harsh light on a sect of wandering ascetics to create shocking visuals – as if touring a zoo – but repeated false stereotypes about caste, karma and reincarnation that Hindus have been combating tirelessly,” she added.

Aslan, 44, met with the Aghori sect when he was invited to eat cooked brain tissue during a ritual in which they also spread ashes from cremated human bodies on his face.

He drank an alcoholic drink out of a human skull before he ate the brain.

The Aghori guru got mad at Aslan at one point when he shouted, “I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much.”

The guru started eating his own feces before throwing it at Aslan, to which Aslan responded, “I feel like this may have been a mistake.”

The Aghori are devotees of the Hindu god Shiva and believe that the human body cannot be tainted. But orthodox Hindus reject their beliefs and practices.

Indian-Americans have criticized CNN for highlighting the practices of a cult of less than 100 members, saying that it does not represent mainstream Hinduism.

“With multiple reports of hate-fuelled attacks against people of Indian origin from across the US, the show characterises Hinduism as cannibalistic, which is a bizarre way of looking at the third largest religion in the world,” US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) said in a statement to the Hindustan Times.

Indian-American industrialist and Trump adviser Shalabh Kumar also denounced CNN for its broadcast.

“CNN, Clinton News Network has no respect for Hindus. All Hindus worldwide should boycott CNN,” he wrote on Twitter.

Aslan seems to have no signs of apologizing for the segment, clarified in a post on his Facebook page that the Aghori are “an extreme Hindu sect” that is “not representative of Hinduism.”


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