Media is being used to prime the public for what’s coming just like with Covid, and anyone questioning the safety of these experiments will be shunned and silenced

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Over the weekend, CBS Saturday Morning aired a report promoting solar geoengineering as a potential way to lower global temperatures and combat “global warming.”

The outlet explained the U.S. government is currently investigating stratospheric geoengineering and that Microsoft founder Bill Gates previously “backed a major project at Harvard using balloons to deploy aerosols.”

The report went on to admit the Gates-funded tests “were put on hold after some pushback.”

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Similar aerosol-deploying balloons were being tested in Mexico late last year by a startup company until the nation’s government completely banned solar geoengineering experiments in January 2023.

The CBS report also cited a recent report from the UN suggesting giant mirrors be placed in space to reflect sunlight.

Even proponents of solar geoengineering admit they don’t know how it could alter the climate in the long term or what health effects it could have on humans.

Infowars has been at the forefront when it comes to exposing the environmental and health issues that come along with the science experiments being done on humanity without our approval and often without our knowledge.