Walensky seems set on defending the CDC’s still evidenceless position on masks.

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On April 19th CDC director Rochelle Walensky provided witness testimony to the House Appropriations Committee. She faced a series of questions regarding all things COVID as the committee was considering the budget requests for the CDC, the NIH, and the ASPR.

During the hearing, Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-Ga) asked Walensky about the popular Cochrane mask review that was published by a highly respected Oxford research team. This review emphasized that there’s no evidence showing masks are effective during a pandemic or that wearing face masks in the community prevents viral transmission.

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Walensky stated,

“I think it’s notable, that the Editor-in-Chief of Cochrane, actually said that the summary of the review was…(stumble)…she retracted the summary of that review and said it was inaccurate.”

But this isn’t true, the summary was never retracted and nothing about it has been changed at all or deemed as inaccurate.

In response to Walensky’s comments, Tom Jefferson, lead author of the Cochrane study said, “Walensky is plain wrong. There has been no retraction of anything.”

He went on to state:

“It’s worth reiterating that we are the copyright holders of the review, so we decide what goes in or out of the review and we will not change our review on the basis of what the media wants or what Walensky says,”

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