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The CDC has officially rebranded obesity as a ‘disease’ with ‘no known cure’ as part of a plan to remove the stigma of being grossly overweight.

The CDC wants the public and medical community to see obesity through the lens of chronic disease – which coincidentally supports the globalist elite’s depopulation agenda.

Eating unhealthy processed food that makes you fat is now the norm in America. Over half the world’s population is projected to be “obese” just 12 years from now. That’s 4 billion people, according to the World Obesity Federation (WOF).

Trending: New Video Evidence of Maricopa County Election Officials Reprogramming Voting Machines reports: According to the WOF report, children are a top category for skyrocketing obesity statistics, especially in lower-income cities and counties. Maybe if we all close our eyes we won’t see the problem and it will disappear. That makes as much sense as deleting the word obesity from every article, research paper, website, post, blog, video, and history book to help “solve” the problem of obese people feeling bad about themselves.

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