The people of the world are turning against the globalist social engineers who are creating a totalitarian NWO system

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Trade union demonstrators supposedly lashing out against French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent pension overhaul took to the streets again on Thursday, eventually breaking into the Paris office building of the globalist investment firm Blackrock.

Harrison Smith covered the wild scene during Thursday’s live transmission of The American Journal.

Instead of attacking local businesses as seen in many American protests, specifically, the Black Lives Matter summer of rage in 2020, the French activists singled out one of the groups actually creating the current political chaos the world is going through.

This shows the angry Frenchmen are upset at more than just Macron raising the age of retirement.

As one Twitter user noted, “This is about Macron ignoring the people and the influence of globalist policies on a nation who didn’t vote for them.”

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Check out some more footage below: