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A Southwest Airlines flight to Florida became a terrifying hellscape after a bird struck one of the plane’s engines, causing the cabin to fill with smoke.

Flight 3923 from Havana to Ford Lauderdale was forced to make an emergency landing soon after takeoff on Sunday when an engine caught fire.

On-board footage shows panicked passengers engulfed in smoke with oxygen masks lowered and parents attempting to help their children. It was reported not all masks were properly released, and some had bloodied knuckles from banging on the roof in desperation.

Passenger Steven Rodriguez told NBC 6 there was ‘a big boom, like an explosion before the cabin started to fill with smoke and emergency lighting came on.

Rodriguez told WSVN: ‘It was like a burning smell, and it was hurting my face. My eyes got really red. My chest started to burn.’  

With only one engine functioning on the Boeing 737, a heroic female pilot made a safe emergency landing at Cuba’s Jose Marti Airport.

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