Source: Op-Ed by Jesse Smith

The Latin phrase ordo ab chao, better known as order out of chaos, is often associated with the traditions of Freemasonry and the occult. Its conspiratorial overtones suggest that nefarious actors with immense power work behind the scenes to create societal chaos so that people will demand that things be put back in order. The resulting “order” is predetermined by the will of diabolical conspirators and serves to further their agenda of control and manipulation. This type of scheming often kept tyrannical monarchs enthroned while depriving people of individual liberty and humane living conditions.

Rebelling against autocratic tyranny, the founders of the United States of America put a monkey wrench in the motherland’s hellish plans. They sought to create an order of peace, prosperity, and freedom from the chaos of despotic rule they had been subject to for so long. Their brave actions empowered people to determine their own destinies, freeing them from those who governed with a heavy hand.

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