Chelsea Clinton used her large Twitter platform of 2.5 million followers to claim that former President Barack Obama warned President Donald Trump about a “novel virus” pandemic and then attacked Trump, saying he really screwed up, wasn’t prepared and “did not get out in front of this.”

Hillary Clinton’s daughter highlighted a post by a former Obama cabinet appointee in her attempt to praise Obama for something he didn’t do and further politicize the coronavirus crisis.

The Obama team warned Trump’s staff about a possible pandemic. Whether it was lack of preparation or staff turnover, the necessary work wasn’t done to get in front of this,” tweeted Chelsea.

She added this post by former Obama White House cabinet secretary Chris Wu: “BREAKING: A week before Inauguration Day 2017, Trump team participated in a tabletop exercise with outgoing Obama team about preparing for a ‘major domestic incident.’ One incident discussed was a pandemic. I participated in that exercise.

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