Cher calls Trump 'mass murderer' who deserves 'death' for ...

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Pop icon Cher delcared President Trump a “mass murderer” on Saturday and suggested he should be put to death as punishment.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cher stated that it is “CALLED MURDER IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON,” in reference to President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

The “Believe” singer wrote:

THERE’S A BLAME 4 KILLING SOMEONE…ITS CALLED “MURDER”. IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON YOU ARE A MASS MURDERER. THERE ARE MANY PUNISHMENTS FOR DIFFERENT DEGREES OF MURDER,BUT WHEN SOMEONE “KNOWINGLY “MURDERS PEOPLE… THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH. Trump’s a mass murderer… hhmm. reports: While Cher deleted the tweet, she continued her rant in another thread, asking, “why did Trump lie” and admitting that she sometimes goes “too far.” She then provided a screenshot of articles on the Treasury Department reportedly siphoning millions from a 9/11 program. However, she said she would not “fall below my moral compass,” despite publicly suggesting that Trump be put to death.

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