Good news — if you live in Wuhan.
If you live anywhere else, you’re screwed.

The Chinese government lifted the lockdown in Wuhan this weekend. Public transportation will be gradually resume.

Wuhan was the source of the current pandemic spreading across the globe.
Much of the world is still in lockdown and the global economy is in the crapper.


Italy went into a similar lockdown on March 11, when 827 deaths had already been reported, and 8 days after reaching 79 deaths (March 3)  [see graphs]  and 19 days after the beginning of the outbreak in the country (Feb. 21) [see archived news]  On Feb. 22, Italy had become the country with the highest number of cases among all non-Asian nations.  [see archived news]

When China reached a similar number of deaths (811 deaths on Feb. 8) the lockdown had already been implemented for  2 weeks.

The Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission noted that by rolling out “perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history” China “has changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic” and that the remarkable speed with which Chinese scientists and public health experts isolated the causative virus, established diagnostic tools, and determined key transmission parameters, such as the route of spread and incubation period, provided the vital evidence base for China’s strategy.