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Hope sprang eternal when Chicago’s destroyer-in-chief Lori Lightfoot didn’t make the runoff in this year’s mayoral contest, and when a candidate who’d declared that “public safety is a human right” won the plurality of votes in the primary. Could Chicago’s voters have really woken up and realized that when you vote for a socialist/Marxist/America hater, you end up living in an un-American hellhole?

Tuesday night’s election results confirmed that Chicago’s voters are either still completely asleep at the wheel, or they enjoy living in a broke, crime-ridden city. Or, perhaps they subscribe to Chelsea Handler’s theory that true communism hasn’t really been tried yet, so if we just increase the communism/socialism utopia will finally be achieved. Voters selected Bernie Sanders-endorsed Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson over moderate Democrat Paul Vallas, who was endorsed by Chicago’s police union.

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As Guy Benson noted at Townhall:

America’s top socialist, one of the most disgraceful race-baiters in the country, and the nation’s leading anti-child activist all agree: Let’s Go Brandon. 

Even though failed Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been ousted by voters, today’s runoff could result in an even worse chief executive taking her place.  The runoff pits moderate Democrat Paul Vallas against leftist Brandon Johnson.  Vallas is the relatively conservative choice, campaigning on an anti-crime platform.  Johnson is a paid agitator for the teachers union and a ‘defund the police‘ type, who’s been expediently running away from his own words on the subject.

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