I’m sure it’s the gun’s fault…

Posted BY: Red Voice Media

CHICAGO, IL – The Windy City reportedly experienced their worst Memorial Day weekend in five years when it relates to shootings, as there were a reported 51 gunshot victims – nine of whom died – despite an increased police presence over the weekend in concurrence with neighborhood programs aimed at deterring violence.

Reportedly, 23 of the victims were shot amid Chicago’s South Side, whereas the majority occurred within the city’s West Side, which reportedly hosted two mass shootings on May 29th. Apparently, this past Memorial Day weekend was the most violent in five years, with Memorial Day weekend in 2017 seeing 52 people shot, seven of whom were killed.

Going back to the Memorial Day weekend of 2016 in Chicago, reportedly 60 people were shot.

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Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announced in the lead-up to the weekend that he’d cancelled time off for the holiday weekend in anticipation of increased levels of crime, but wasn’t forthcoming as to exactly how many officers that effort fortified the force with over the period.

In addition to the aforementioned preventative measures, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had announced in a press conference on May 27th that numerous programs and events were going to be held in 15 high-crime neighborhoods over the holiday weekend. However, clearly the proverbial bread and circuses weren’t enough to dissuade those intent upon committing acts of violence.

Of the shootings that broke out over the weekend in Chicago, two incidents involved mass shootings.