Watch the CCP/Democrat disinformation campaign aimed at President Trump

Chicoms Cite CNN, NBC, Hillary Clinton In Propaganda Claiming Term "Chinese Virus" Racist

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Chinese state-run propaganda outlet Global Times released a propaganda video Monday condemning President Trump for using the term “Chinese virus” to describe COVID-19.

Appearing in the communist propaganda piece are CNN’s Chris Cuomo, NBC’s Richard Engel, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, brain-dead rapper Cardi B and other Democrat politicians.

“Trump’s racist remarks sparked fierce criticism,” text in the video reads.

“It is easy to scapegoat people, and that is what has always happened when there have been pandemics or epidemics,” Engel says in the video. “This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus, not a China virus.”

So, China’s communist propaganda machine is literally using Democrat Party talking points to attack the President of the United States amid a global pandemic.

Coronavirus hysteria is once again exposing the cozy connection between globalist Democrats and the Chinese government.

For example, last week Hillary Clinton “amplified Chinese Communist Party propaganda by accusing President Trump of ‘racism’ for blaming Beijing for the coronavirus.”

Watch below as POTUS doubles down on his assertion that “Chinese Virus” is NOT a racist term.