Children inadvertently administered three times the recommended dosage for kids.

Source: Adan Salazar

A Texas Halloween event turned into a true horror show when two children were administered adult Covid-19 vaccine doses days before the CDC approved jabs for youngsters, leading to at least one child suffering an adverse reaction.

The incident happened Sunday in Garland, where a family and their son, 6, and a neighbor’s child, 7, were attending a trunk-or-treat event at the Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church where the city was running a pop-up clinic.

The parents of the younger child say workers at the clinic told them the children were eligible for the vaccine, despite the jab not being formally approved by the CDC until two days later.

“They asked us our kids ages, and so we told them 4 and 6, and they said ‘the 6-year-old can obviously get it if you’d like to go ahead and do that,’ said the 6-year-old’s parent Julian Gonzalez, who was given a form to fill out indicating a Pfizer vaccine would be administered.

“Going off their confidence and what we read [on the form] we were all for it,” Gonzalez told CBS DFW.

Gonzalez says the next day he was notified by the city health department that the shots weren’t supposed to have been given to the children, and that they had inadvertently been administered adult doses – three times the recommended dosage, according to CBS.

To make matters worse, one of the children given the vaccine suffered adverse reaction following the vaccination.

The boy was cleared by a doctor, but will require monitoring to ensure no additional side effects persist.

The city released a statement acknowledging the shots were given in error:

“The City of Garland Health Department (GHD) is reporting that two children under the age of 12 were administered doses of the Pfizer vaccine in error this weekend. GHD officials are in communication with the parents of the children involved, who are monitoring the children for side effects. GHD also has reported the incident to state health officials and are further investigating the circumstances leading up to the error. The safety and privacy of our patients is always our top priority. Due to patient privacy, we cannot share additional information at this time.”

Meanwhile, the family wants to know how the error occurred and who’s responsible.

“We found out after the fact that the vials for the children’s vaccine should have been different, the needles should have been different…it should have been labeled specifically for kids so…where did that decision come from? Who was it that told them they could go ahead and offer it?” Gonzalez told the local media station, adding that he’s frustrated over the situation.

“We’re just on edge completely until we see this through.”

In an update Wednesday, CBS DFW reported that “The mother of the 7-year-old mistakenly given an adult COVID vaccine dose, says her son is doing ‘okay’ after getting the shot.”

The experimental jabs are being rolled out this week after the CDC on Tuesday approved Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid vaccine for children 5 to 11.