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A 13-year-old Seattle boy watched his father suffer from cardiac arrest and die while waiting more than 20 minutes for help to arrive. This tragedy was caused by a shortage of cops and medical personnel staff resulting from the woke mayor’s vaccine mandates and defunding the police movement, according to critics.

The unidentified boy called 911 when his 45-year-old father began struggling to breathe in the city’s Crown Hill neighborhood.

“He’s conscious but he’s not OK,” the boy told 911 in an incident report obtained by The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. He added during the November 2 call, lodged at 1:24 p.m., that his dad was “making a moaning noise.”

Firefighters arrived at the scene within 15 minutes; however, an outdated note on file mistakenly indicated that the apartment occupant was aggressive, slowing their response as they awaited a police escort.

The Seattle Fire Department arrived at 1:32 p.m. but was discouraged from entering the apartment without police because the man living there had a history of threatening first responders, a spokesperson told reporters

As firefighters waited for a police escort, the boy called 911 again at 1:37 p.m.

‘He wasn’t like this before,’ the teen told a dispatcher. ‘I’m just really worried.’

The fire crew broke protocol and entered the unit without police at 1:39 p.m. – 15 minutes after the first call for help was made.

One medic told KTTH that ‘had it been addressed early, his chance of survival would have been 60 percent.’

Police and medics arrived at the scene at 1:45 p.m. – more than 20 minutes after the initial call for help – and the outlet reported that, despite

attempting CPR for an hour, they couldn’t save the man.

The Seattle Fire Department insisted it was following procedure when it initially held off on entering the unit.

Firefighters rely on ‘premise notes’ inputted into the dispatch system to alert them of any potential dangers or provide building access information, spokesperson Kristin Tinsley told

“We had a “cautionary” premise note entered into the system for that address due to experiences with a patient who had lived there that was known to be combative towards SFD and SPD,” Tinsley announced. “Unfortunately, we learned during the most recent emergency response that the cautionary note was for a previous tenant.”

Conservative radio talk show host Jason Rantz blamed the sluggish response on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which he argued ‘crippled already understaffed police and fire departments.’

“They do not have enough employees to respond to emergency calls,’ Rantz said in a 770 KTTH column. ‘And through no fault of Seattle police or Seattle fire, a man is dead when he might have been saved.”