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Helen Louise Herndon

Across America, parents and educators express concern about how schools are teaching the history of slavery in America, whether it’s via The 1619 Project or Critical Race Theory. The obsessive focus on the fact that it was Blacks in America who were slaves (after failed experiments enslaving the Irish and Native Americans) has obscured the totality of the slave experience in America, which saw people of all races participate in a practice as old as humanity itself.

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Though the slaves were Black, from Africa to America, the slave owners, traders, and escaped slave bounty hunters were Blacks, Arabs, and Native Americans, and Whites putting the lie to the left’s insistence that only Whites are culpable. Teaching such inaccurate facts and falsehoods, whether intentional or not, encourages White children to be ashamed of their race and Blacks to perceive themselves as permanently victimized. Teaching history selectively omits substantial historical facts, which balance and temper politically-driven historical narratives.

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