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China’s state-run Xinhua news agency boasted on Thursday of the alleged vibrant culture and job market in occupied East Turkistan, after proclaiming China would continue its “counterterrorism and deradicalization” – a euphemism for the genocide of the region’s native people.

The assertion that the Communist Party will continue to fight “terrorism” on Tuesday followed a visit by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to East Turkistan, which China calls “Xinjiang,” last week, in which Bachelet hailed China for its “tremendous achievements” in human rights and did not mention the ongoing genocide. Bachelet also claimed that government officials had dismantled the concentration camp system in the region, which Beijing refers to as its “vocational and educational training center” network.

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Multiple international human rights experts and democratic governments, including the administrations of both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, have concluded that China’s practices in East Turkistan against the native Uyghur population and other Muslim-majority ethnic groups constitute genocide, Evidence supporting the genocide declaration include satellite evidence and eyewitness testimony of the use of concentration camps to imprison up to 3 million people, the use of mass sterilization of women to eliminate non-Han ethnic groups, the enslavement of Uyghurs in factories and cotton fields nationwide, and evidence of violent practices like torture, rape, and live organ harvesting.

Bachelet did not address this evidence in any meaningful way, prompting international calls for her resignation. The U.N. human rights chief previously served as the socialist president of Chile, using her power to bring Chile economically and politically into China’s orbit.

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