LifeSite News reported on new rules that China is imposing on religious groups that require them to “spread Communist Party principles.”

China’s government established new rules on December 30 that will give the Communist Party complete control over practically all aspects of religious life. The “administrative measures” include six chapters and 41 articles governing the “organization, functions, supervision and management of religious groups,” which span religious doctrine, annual and daily activities, and rallies.

The new rules will go into effect on February 1 and serve as the CCP’s increasing crackdown on religion. 1 million Muslim Uighurs have been interned in re-education camps, where some are being tortured. Authorities have defiled churches and stripped Christian ministers of their independence. Two million Christians and Buddhists have been detained. Further, Jewish communities have been harassed.

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All of this is acting alongside the Chinese government’s policy “sinicization,” which works to impose Chinese culture and socialist policies on all of China. The Chinese government’s latest efforts to control religion are part of recent policies that were announced in 2017 to “reinterpret Christian teachings according to socialist doctrine.”

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