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Chinese developers have now created “grief bots,” which are chat programs that represent the personalities and recollections of the deceased, using a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in an effort to reconnect with their loved ones.


A 29-year-old Chinese software engineer based in Hangzhou named Yu Jialin wrote an essay describing the use of computer programs to match lip movements to speech recordings in lip-syncing technology.

His grandfather, who passed away more than ten years ago, came to mind as he read the piece.

“Can I see Grandpa again using this technology?” Yu Jialin asked.

His quest to recreate his grandfather is one of the countless instances of Chinese tech enthusiasts utilizing AI to bring the dead back to life. You had the ability to “say his goodbyes to his grandfather” through the application.

Yu stated that he was just 17 years old when his grandfather passed away in an interview with investigative journalist Tang Yucheng. He was reportedly on the edge of realizing the outcomes of his extremely personal, unauthorized AI research after weeks of hard work, late nights, and countless difficult challenges.

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“Hey, Grandpa. Guess who I am?” Yu asked the program. The AI version of his “Grandpa” delivered a generic response.

“Who you are is not important at all. Life is a beautiful miracle,” the bot wrote back, according to Tang.

“In today’s technology, you don’t need too many samples for an AI to learn the style of a person,” said Haibing Lu, an information and analytics professor at Santa Clara University.

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