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Fraying U.S.-China relations and rising tensions over Taiwan have influential business leaders such as Elon Musk and Warren Buffett sounding alarms about a possible invasion – a matter that will likely loom over the 2024 election.

China is already bound to be a major issue in the U.S. campaign as President Xi Jinping pushes to expand his nation’s power. China’s policy regarding Taiwan, the world’s leader in the semiconductor industry, could end up making it an even bigger focus.

The cross-strait strife has already provoked commentary from some top contenders in the Republican presidential primary race who have stressed the need to deter a possible Chinese invasion of the island. Taiwan is also a topic of discussion during this week’s Group of Seven meeting in Japan, which President Joe Biden is attending.

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Xi has made Taiwan’s “reunification” a focal point of his agenda and Beijing has ramped up hostilities against the island, putting a spotlight on its importance to the global economy and conjuring fears of a major international conflict that could eclipse Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine.

“The official policy of China is that Taiwan should be integrated. One does not need to read between the lines, one can simply read the lines,” Tesla CEO Musk said in an interview Tuesday with CNBC’s David Faber.

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