Source: CD Media Staff

The bedroom community of Johns Creek in North Atlanta is one of the South’s high-tech arenas. It is also infested with Chinese Communist Party spies and operatives, as the CCP works to turn the great state of Georgia into a vassal state of Beijing.

Judging from ‘Republican’ actions during the 2020 election cycle, they have made much progress in this quest. We have reported on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger hailing from Johns Creek.

After acquiring the Johns Creek Post earlier this year, CDMedia has had time to go through the information on the server, and wow, did we find some nuggets.

The following is a threat posted in the comment section during the 2016 election, where certain candidates in North Georgia were running as ‘Republicans’.

The JCP did a series on candidates running for city council in 2016 and two of the ‘Asian’ candidates didn’t return their answers by the deadline, so their answers were not published along with the other candidates.

The response below was received on the Johns Creek Post comment section. St. Ives is a gated community in North Atlanta, known for athletes, recording artists, and now CCP infiltration.

Below is the geolocation data of the IP address that posted the threat…essentially Tiananmen Square, China. The ISP is the same for the People’s Liberation Army.

In short, the Chinese Communist Party was threatening journalists for exposing operations in Georgia as far back as 2016.

We have the proof.