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We do have to remember to never underestimate our enemy!

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has recently issued a detailed report, unraveling an aerial military standoff on May 26th over the South China Sea. Released video footage shows a Chinese J-16 fighter jet obstructing the flight path of an American RC-135V electronic reconnaissance aircraft, compelling the U.S. pilot to traverse through the turbulent wake of the J-16. Flight data substantiate that the American reconnaissance flight path skirted Chinese territorial waters, at its closest, only 50 kilometers off the coast of Huilai County, Jieyang City, China, albeit entirely over international waters. On May 31st, the Southern Theatre Command of China claimed in a statement that the Shandong aircraft carrier group was conducting routine training in the South China Sea at the time and accused the U.S. RC-135 of intentionally intruding into the training zone. It was then placed under continuous aerial tracking by the People’s Liberation Army.

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Although it appears that the U.S. was at a disadvantage in this encounter, some military observers suggest that this may have been a deliberate systemic monitoring of China’s Shandong aircraft carrier by the U.S., revealing potential problems with the carrier and highlighting the Taiwan Strait as a potential weakness for the Chinese Communist Party. Subsequently, with the Shandong heading north to Dalian, there may no longer be any other carriers available for the Chinese government. The Shandong’s formation in the South China Sea was notably lacking in aerial and submarine protection, with only two frigates as an escort. This apparent military tactical error gave the U.S. an opportunity to dispatch the RC-135V for continuous tracking and signal detection of the carrier group. The Chinese military, possibly aware that many of its electronic secrets may have fallen into U.S. hands, dispatched a J-16 fighter jet from a terrestrial airfield in an attempt to intercept the U.S. reconnaissance aircraft.