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China’s state-run Global Times took a stab on Tuesday at blaming the impending global food crisis not on the invasion of Ukraine by China’s ally Russia, or the worldwide shipping disruptions caused by China’s brutal coronavirus lockdowns, but on super-insects weaponized by the U.S. military and dispatched to cause deliberate famines in “rival countries.”

The Global Times admitted the “conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to a global food crisis,” without mentioning which of those countries invaded the other, but claimed the real danger is a U.S. military program called “Insect Allies” that uses bugs to deliver a “genetically engineered virus” that “could affect crop growth by altering which genes the plants express.”

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The Global Times breathlessly claimed “experts” are worried the U.S. is about to unleash all-out bug-based bio-warfare:

The intentions of the Pentagon are also in question – is it really to save humanity from starvation, or will it, on the contrary, deliberately cause a humanitarian crisis in order to serve some “military aims.”

Experts reached by the Global Times said the Insect Allies is turning this concern into a real potential danger. “Why do they use insects as carriers? Why does the US build bio-labs near other countries like Russia? When the Pandora’s Box is opened, a series of disasters will follow,” said an expert.

However, this is just a tip of the iceberg as a project with a potential biological weapons threat. In addition to the Insect Allies program, the US has conducted biological experiments around the world in said notorious “bio-labs” disregarding human safety and natural ethics while blatantly violating the “Biological Weapons Convention.”

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