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The Chinese spy balloon that flew across the US in February gathered intelligence from several American military sites before it was shot down, according to two senior US officials and a former senior administration official.

The sources said China could have gathered more intelligence if not for the Biden administration’s efforts to block it. 

The intel collected was mostly from electronic signals, rather than images, the officials said to NBC.

Officials previously said the balloon was capable of collecting signals intelligence. 

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China was reportedly able to control the balloon to pass over the same site multiple times.

This allowed it to transmit information in real-time, the officials warned. 

Information collected from electronic signals can be picked up from weapons systems or communications between personnel on the base. 

On 4 February, at the direction of President Biden and with the support of Canada, US fighter aircraft under US Northern Command authority engaged and brought down a high-altitude surveillance balloon within sovereign US airspace and over US territorial waters.

Sailors were later assigned to recover the balloon from the Atlantic Ocean.

A ‘UFO’ was shot down on 10 February over Alaska. 

Another balloon was shot down a day later over Yukon, Canada.

On 12 February, another was shot down over the Great Lakes.