The slapdash impeachment of President Donald Trump has already flipped one Democratic congressional seat from Democrat to Republican.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) flipped parties during the impeachment process to Republican saying the Democrat Party is moving further and further to the left and morphing into a Socialist party.

On Sunday former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told ABC’s “This Week” that impeachment was already hurting Democrats and it could flip three seats to Republican in New Jersey.

Chris Christie: “You know what’s happening in blue New Jersey, a very blue state. Jeff Van Drew switches from Democrat to Republican, from the majority party to the minority party in the middle of impeachment because of impeachment. Andy Kim, who won his seat two years ago, is now losing to Katie Gibbs, his Republican challenger. And Tom Malinowski is losing to Tom Kaine Jr., the son of the former governor.”

This is likely happening across the US today after the Democrats’ latest disgusting impeachment stunt.