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Chris Rock sees the writing on the wall. Perhaps not in terms of insulting Will Smith’s wife, but in terms of lawmakers planning to have President Trump arrested on “trumped” up charges, Rock can see it as plainly as Will Smith’s hand in front of his face.

Recently, in a ceremony honoring Adam Sandler, Rock had some choice words for certain lawmakers in attendance, including Nancy Pelosi. It was hilarious and true. Check this out.

Chris Rock joked that former President Donald Trump was “romantic” for allegedly paying off porn star Stormy Daniels — while calling lawmakers “stupid” for wanting him arrested, warning it will only inflate his popularity.

The 58-year-old funnyman addressed the expected arrest as he helped honor Adam Sandler at the Mark Twain Prize late Sunday — directly addressing lawmakers in the audience, including Nancy Pelosi.

As always, Rock was spot-on in his assessment. While paying so-called hush money to a poor star is seedy, and certainly not romantic, it is also not worthy of an arrest.

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