The CIA Agent Revealed It All On His Deathbed


The audio tape revealing the truth behind the CIA assassination of JFK was released after E. Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession. Hunt was a former CIA agent involved in multiple operations, including Watergate. In the audio tape, he admitted that he was approached to be a member of the CIA assassination team to Kill JFK.

This event has gone completely unnoticed because mainstream media refuses to report on this damning evidence of government corruption.

Saint John Hunt, the son of Howard, aired as a guest on the nationally-acclaimed “Coast to Coast” radio station to discuss the shocking audio tape. Hunt told radio host George Noory that his father actually mailed him the audio tape in January of 2004.

His father gave instructions that the cassette tape not be listened to until his death, for fear of his own life and the lives of his family and friends.

The radio station shared four minutes of the cassette tape that reveals much of the damning evidence.

In the audio tape, Howard Hunt reveals countless people directly and indirectly tied to the CIA operation that killed Kennedy. Furthermore, Howard described himself as a “bench warmer” to the operation, involved just enough to know about what was going on without taking part.

The tape makes it glaringly obvious that Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was heavily involved in the operation, and played a critical part in the cover-up. Lyndon Johnson was often described by his peers as “maniacally urgent” in his desire to one day become president.

News agencies and reporters were there on the scene that fateful day. They captured this iconic photo that shows Lyndon and Ms. Kennedy behaving oddly calm and collected after having witnessed the brutal execution of their close friend and spouse.


Saint John also told reporters about AJ Weberman, a journalist who lived in New York in the early 70s. On top of being a journalist and writer, Weberman was also the founder of the Youth International Party.

Weberman was in Dallas on that fateful day. Furthermore, Weberman was one of the first reporters to write on the 3 men arrested in Dealy Plaza. The pictures he captured of the men show that Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were indeed there in Dallas. Not only that, they were at Dealy Plaza.

The 3 Men

The mainstream media quickly hid this and labeled the three men as “hobos and tramps.” They were released just hours later and the entire operation was completely veiled in a mask of media lies. The government was clearly behind everything, as there’s literally no way those men should have been let free.

Chauncey Holt later confessed to being the third man involved in the operation. The entire thing was masterfully planned and allowed the government to get rid of JFK, who was well known for his anti-socialist and anti-establishment views.

Just minutes before he died, Howard Hunt admitted that he felt “deeply conflicted and deeply remorseful” that he never blew the whistle on what happened.

Kenny promised to “shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter the remnants into the wind.” He was not a man of only words though. He took action and almost every internal agency within the government grew infuriated.

JFK stood for what was right, and in the end, he paid a dear price.

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