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Editor’s Note: The following exposé presents what is perhaps the best Public-Private Partnership investigation of the highly complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy known as the “2020 POTUS Election Theft”.  However, it’s of paramount importance to understand that this same RICO-level crime syndicate was used to steal countless elections at every level — federal, state, county, and city — during both the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.  While everyone was focused solely on Donald Trump in 2020, as they are on Kari Lake in 2022, the Democrat perps got away with stealing untold elections in all 50 states.  Going forward, the Khazarian-directed election thieves now have the institutional apparatus firmly in place to steal any and all future elections held on American soil.  This means that there will never be another free and fair election for any public office in the land.  Oh, and by the way, the U.S. Federal Government and their NGO co-conspirators are using your hard-earned tax dollars to fund this massive criminal operation which will ensure that your conservative candidate LOSES every Election Day.

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N.B. The hard proof confirming the existence of a highly organized election theft crime syndicate, which is provided in the scathing indictment that follows, is absolutely irrefutable.  How so?  Because all of the identified criminals featured below have been caught in the act.  According to their own words and deeds, they are essentially dead to rights.  To wit, these self-incriminated election thieves have already indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced themselves for treason committed against the American Republic.  You gotta love it!!!  Therefore, please post, tweet and send this verdict out—EVERYWHERE!

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