Source: Art Moore

Citizens across Europe protested COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions over the weekend, including in Austria, which will become the first country to require the jab for every citizen.

Article by Art Moore from our news partners at WND News Center.

Chanting “resistance!” and blowing whistles, an estimated 40,000 people in Vienna protested a new lockdown, which began Monday, Bloomberg News reported. Beginning in February, Austrians who refuse to be vaccinated will face fines of up to $4,000.

Some protesters wore doctor’s scrubs while others donned tinfoil hats. Among the messages on signs were “My Body, My Choice” and “We’re Standing Up for Our Kids!’”

In the Netherlands, police opened fire on demonstrators on Friday in the port city of Rotterdam protesting coronavirus restrictions in what the mayor called “an orgy of violence.” In The Hague on Saturday night, police arrested seven rioters after youths set fires in the streets and threw fireworks at officers, the Associated Press reported.

The Netherlands, with about 90% of the population vaccinated, has required vaccine passports for two months. But cases have spiked 942% and the government is reimposing lockdowns.

In Italy, 3,000 gathered in Rome’s at the famous Circus Maximus field to protest the imposition of a “Green Pass” vaccine passport, which is  required to enter workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues and gyms. The pass also is required for long-distance train, bus or ferry travel within Italy.

Protests continue in Paris on Saturday where citizens have been protesting digital vaccine passes for four months.

In Brussels, Belgium, on Sunday, an estimated 35,000 people shouting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” and singing the anti-fascist song “Bella Ciao” marched to the European Union headquarters to protest reinforced COVID-19 restrictions, the Associated Press reported.

Many of the demonstrators already left for home when the rally turned violent as several hundred people pelted police, smashed cars and set trash bins ablaze, AP said. Police, responded with tear gas and water