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Biden, channeling the spirit of King George III — a king whose “repeated … Usurpations” incited the Declaration of Independence — has been issuing executive orders and presidential directives at a relentless pace as his mechanism for imposing the Democrats’ radical, divisive progressive agenda over Republican opposition. These “presidential” actions far exceed Biden’s constitutionally defined powers and circumvent Congress’s exclusive legislative power under the Constitution.

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And the extreme Congressional Progressive Caucus is demanding Biden to do more. They crave government by executive fiat.  This is the very threat of tyranny that drove our founders to conceive a constitution with separation of powers, checks, and balances, and a Bill of Rights. 

In response to this executive abuse of power, Congressional Republicans must reclaim and revitalize Congress’s constitutional legislative power, end the reign of King Biden, and restore our constitutional government.  Ultimately, this likely will require Republicans to win the majority in the Senate and increase their majority in the House in 2024.

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