Source:  Cristina Laila

Federal Judge Dan Aaron Polster, a Clinton appointee on Thursday struck down the Republican Ohio Secretary of State’s order which prohibited ballot drop boxes.

Ballot drop boxes increase the chances of voter fraud because there is no chain of custody which is why the Democrat party is arguing for mail-in voting and ballot drop boxes.

Judge Polster said in his ruling that the current protocols “disenfranchises minorities.”

“The right to vote guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments is without a question one of the most important rights guaranteed by our Constitution,” Polster wrote. “The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the anxiety over whether the U.S. Postal Service will be able to handle the unprecedented number of ballots being returned by mail, is proposing unprecedented challenges to voters and boards of election.”

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“The state’s procedures must be fair,” Polster continued. “They must not place any burden upon voting beyond what is necessary to ensure a fair election, and they may not impose an undue burden upon any suspect class of citizens.”

“While it may be said that the 7,903 registered voters in Noble County may find a single drop box location sufficient, the record demonstrates that the 858,041 registered voters in Cuyahoga County will likely not,” wrote Polster.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose will appeal the decision, spokeswoman Maggie Sheehan said.

“Voting has begun, and Ohio’s elections are safe, secure, and accessible,” she said. “The place to make changes in how we run our elections is the Statehouse, not the courthouse.”