Now breakthrough cases among the vaccinated are fast becoming the status quo… ‘

Source: John Ransom

Former actress Alyssa Milano and other vaccine disciples are taking incoming heat from medical realists who have criticized a Milano tweet that lays bare the contradictions of the vaccine-as-cure hysteria of the left.

“90% of the people I know have covid,” said Milano in a recent tweet. “100% are triple vaxxed & thankfully they have mild symptoms.”

Once touted as a cure-all to the COVID pandemic, a must-have to prevent the spread of the virus, the effectiveness of vaccines are being tried by real-world experience that shows them to be just another option in the tool belt.

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In part that’s because breakthrough cases of COVID are becoming commonplace.

“In the United States,” wrote Elanor Cummins in the New York Times, “so-called breakthrough cases — infections among the vaccinated — were less common before Omicron, affecting just a small percentage of vaccinated people, by most counts. Now breakthrough cases among the vaccinated are fast becoming the status quo.”

That’s not all because of the Omicron variant, however.

“An ABC News analysis of federal and state data found that since July, there has been an acceleration of the number of breakthrough coronavirus cases, thus, of individuals who test positive after being fully vaccinated,” reported ABC News even before the spread of the Omicron variant.

That data stands in stark contrast to vaccine disciples like President Biden, who continue to falsely state that vaccinations prevent the spread of the COVID virus.

“We’re making sure health care workers are vaccinated,” said Biden recently, “because if you seek care at a health care facility, you should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you.”

But the numbers provided by Biden and Milano just don’t add up to safety, according to some vaccine critics.

“Amazing how many times we’ve heard ‘lower your expectations from the Biden camp,” said one Twitter user about the reduction in claimed vaccine effectiveness.

“Why doesn’t anyone seem to care that that wasn’t how they were sold to the public?” said another Twitter user, adding, “And if they were wrong about that, doesn’t it at least make you wonder what else they are wrong about?”

It does indeed.