Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

Mainstream media pundits are melting down over the idea of Donald Trump returning to Twitter. CNBC’s Dan Nathan absolutely lost it over the possibility. Watch:

“It’s interesting when you think about Twitter’s business,” Nathan said. “Very soon we’re not going to be not talking about it, we’re going to have the transparency if this deal closes. And just to put some context, 10 years ago, Facebook/Meta went public. It had $5 billion in sales. That is what Twitter is expected to have this year. So think about how poorly they have grown that revenue based on how they monetized those users. Their users have been stuck. They haven’t been growing them. And when you think about the margin differential between, let’s say, Meta, at about 80 percent gross margin versus Twitter, where they are at 60, and not getting better, this business is going to be just impaired. Because the management and that plan that the whole team was looking at, the 2023 plan, when those news hit the wires today, that team has blown up. It’s gone.”

“They already blew up,” Tim Seymour chimed in.

“Yeah, so what I’m staying is, this is kind of like a dead stick right now,” Nathan went on.

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