Posted BY: Joe Fried

My friend and I sometimes argue about media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. Why do they spread misinformation?

A. Are they grossly uninformed?

B. Do they know the truth but tell falsehoods anyway?

C. Do they think we are stupid or naïve?

My buddy feels that the media outlets know the truth but lie about it.

To me, it is more complicated. The nice-looking journalists who read the teleprompters are genuinely ignorant. On the other hand, news producers probably know the truth but spread misinformation anyway. Producers are the ones who select the topics, construct the programs, and hire special analysts. Let’s consider this recent example.

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CNN Misinformation — A Case Study

Some time ago, Fani Willis, the Fulton County (GA) prosecutor, convened a special grand jury to investigate allegations that Trump tried to corruptly influence the Georgia Secretary of State to alter the 2020 election results. Part of the grand jury report has been released. Let’s see how CNN described the results.

Around 6 AM EST on February 17, CNN Anchor Kaitlan Collins made this statement: “And so clearly, [the grand jury report] shows you know, once and for all that… there was no election fraud here.”

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