According to people who watched the town hall event arranged by CNN, a number of people in the audience were democrat operatives designed to stop Bernie before he can shift the party too far left.


Senator Bernie Sanders, who recently threw his hat into the 2020 democrat nomination ring, took part in a CNN town hall event on Monday.

Although there’s nothing new about the leftist network stumping for democrats with ‘specials’ and ‘event’s designed to ‘educate’ the public about their deranged love of liberalism.

However, some online viewers noticed something a little strange about the ‘voters’ allowed to ask questions.

“During the event, a young woman who asked Sanders a critical question about allegations of sexual harassment in his campaign was introduced as a student at American University.

“However, the student was also reportedly an intern for Cassidy & Associates, a large lobbying firm in Washington, D.C.”

So, CNN decided to keep that little tidbit of truth away from the American people…. You know, because facts like that can cloud the judgement of others, right?

“According to a report from Paste Magazine, this wasn’t the only fishy audience member. Several audience members were introduced without disclosing their professional ties to politics.”

Two audience members actually worked within the Democratic Party establishment, so they were NOT just regular people asking questions.

— CNN called Tara Ebersole a “former biology professor” when her LinkedIn page lists her current job description as “Chair, Baltimore County Democratic Party” since 2016. Further, her husband was part of Hillary Clinton’s leadership council in Baltimore in 2016.

— Abena McAllister was labeled “an active Democrat,” which is far less descriptive than the Charles County Democratic Central Committee’s description of her as their Chair.

— Yunjung Seo was simply called a “George Washington Student” by CNN, despite her LinkedIn page saying she also works for the Katz Watson Group, a fundraising and consulting outlet.

— Michelle Gregory was simply listed as a “Maryland voter” by CNN, but a cursory Google search reveals her to be much more active in politics than just voting.

Although the questions were necessarily ‘unfair’ to Sanders, it does demonstrate the lying, duplicitous actions of a network that claims to report news.

“While Sanders is a darling of many millennial voters who support further-left policies, many establishment Democrats dislike the Vermont independent.

“After running a tough primary campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Clinton herself blamed Sanders for helping Trump win.”

In her book, What Happened, Clinton writes, “His attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

“Some Democrats also see him as being unable to represent the increasingly diverse party as he is an older white male.”

However, recent polls show that democrat voters overwhelmingly choose a straight, white male over the plethora of weirdoes being offered on the ticket.

Nevertheless, once again, CNN has demonstrated that they will stack the ‘objective’ reporting as much as possible in order to control the narrative.

Such actions are not news… they are part of a propaganda machine ready to control the public.